I ALWAYS disinfect my armrests and tray..! Can’t think of …

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I ALWAYS disinfect my armrests and tray..! Can’t think of how long it hadn’t been cleaned for….!


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The Perfect Holiday Outfit!
That skirt is… GORGEOUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I’m obsessed and totally want it!!

Seppy | www.elleisforlove.com

Trench Coat & Striped Dress
Love the belted look on your jacket! Looks amazing!


Modern Tie Jacket
Absolutely love the details of the jacket! Definitely a modern twist on a jacket. I need to invest in more unique and diverse jackets since most of the year, I have to wear a jacket..!


White and Gold
Love the gold details on your dress!

Although I love a cute little dress, I spend Christmas with family and always end up wearing something comfortable like leggings and a cute sweater (because we’re there until 2-3 a.m….)

But I just had a Christmas party at my house and I wore sequined leggings and I LOVED it!


Perfect Holiday Dress
You look so darling in this dress!! Green isn’t a color that I usually gravitate towards but it definitely is a festive color!!