EasyPara social beauty awards 2018

A few weeks ago, I recently had the opportunity to attend the EasyPara Social Beauty Awards 2018 in Cannes. EasyPara also know as easyparapharmacie is an online beauty website that offers over 15,000 different beauty products.  View Post

galeries lafayette music machines

Let the good times roll! Inside Galeries Lafayette experience the “music machine.” You may be thinking what exactly is the music machine. From now until June 24th Galeries Lafayette has transformed their store and window displays to a musical celebration, tribute, and even offers master classes for anyone who is interested in learning more about music.

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tax back refund service in Paris

One thing I love about shopping in Paris is taking advantage the tax refund service in France. Many people think the tax refund service in France is complicated when in reality it’s very simple and it’s made even simpler by Galeries Lafayette. I’ve broken down this article into 3 simple categories, what is VAT tax, how do you qualify for the tax refund, how do you submit and file the tax refund paperwork.

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Top 10 places parisians shop in Paris

One question I get asked frequently is where do Parisian Shop? Many people travel to Paris looking for unique Parisian clothing they won’t be able to find in their home country, or maybe you live in Paris and are looking for new brands to shop at. I’ve outlines the top ten places parisians shop in Paris. If you are looking for that Parisian Chic look, then this article is perfect for you!

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