How To Wear All-Black And Not Look Boring

By Tessy Wiseman

how to wear black and not look boring
When it comes to fashion, black is by far the most popular colour. That doesn’t come as a surprise, as black has always been associated with sophistication, class and even mystery. All-black outfits have no boundaries, it will take you from streetwear to smart-wear in no minute, from AM to PM, January to December – which is why it can sometimes get boring. So here is how to wear all-black and not look boring!

The one potential pitfall of wearing black head-to-toe all the time: Black can get a little boring… Unless you incorporate some of these tips to your all-black outfits:

1. Shape

First, Shape. Head-to-toe black can blur your edges (so to speak), and erase your actual silhouette (which can be helpful sometimes, but mostly unaesthetic). Wearing all-black is an opportunity to experiment with proportions, shapes and even visit a tailor.

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2. Show Some Skin

Secondly, skin. Wearing black from chin-down to ankle can look ‘crowded’ depending on your body shape and height. A key to avoid that is use splices and slits to your advantage. Showing some skin whilst wearing black has the advantage of not looking tacky (usually), and will directly attract the eye. So if you chose wisely, you can pick the most flattering part of your body, shoulders, back legs, etc.

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3. Accessorize

Accessories, Accessories. They can truly make or break your entire outfit. A lack of attention to details can make a perfect little black cheap and tasteless. In this case, less is more!

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4. Texture

Next, texture. The true way on how to wear all-black and not look boring is texture. An entire outfit in the same fabric, or fabric variation will make you look drab. If you happen to be clueless on how to pair velvet, or suede with anything else, an easy one is leather. Pick one leather item in your outfit, pants or jacket, and let it be the center of attention.

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5. Layer

After picking which textures and fabrics suit you best, try mix and matching them and create a layered look. The key here is to pick piece that will easily layer with each other on top, and keep a slim silhouette on the bottom half.

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6. Mix Up Your Blacks

And finally, to wear all-black and not look boring: mix up your ‘blacks’. Putting together different shades of black will definitely rule out dull from your vocabulary. Adding black acid-wash jeans is also a possibility.

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