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late winter early spring fashion trends

It’s crazy to think it’s the beginning of April and I’m still wearing my warm clothes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that in a few weeks we will be out of this coldness and will be embracing the warmth. For now I’ve rounded up my favorite looks from NA-KD fashion for a NA-KD fashion round up. Plus, at the end of the article, I’ve included a special discount NA-KD code for my readers! You can thank me later 🙂

na-kd fashion trends and discount code

off the shoulder black sweater

The first outfit I ordered from NA-KD is an incredible off the shoulder black sweater. My skin is very sensitive to certain material and a majority of the sweaters make itch, so typically before ordering any winter pieces I check to see what the sweater is made out of. Luckily this sweater is 71% Acrylic, 24% Polyamide. There are multiple ways you can style this sweater, I wore it off the shoulders, however it the weather drops you can pull up the sweater and drape it around your neck. When ordering this sweater I envisioned an all black look and that’s exactly what I paired the off the shoulder sweater with black faux leather pants. When the temperatures start warming up I envision this sweater being paired with black shorts or Jean shorts. I wore the same black booties in both outfits.

wine red lace tank top

na-kd fashion tank top

The second outfit I ordered was this gorgeous burgundy lace cami. I’ve wanted a burgundy lace cami for a while now however, everything I saw online was at a high price point.  Once I spotted this cami from NA-KD I knew I had to order it. When the tank top arrived  I could tell instantly the material was high quality and was immediately pleased with my purchase. This outfit is great for the late winter early spring we’ve been having lately. I paired this burgundy lace cami with a black cardigan I wore off the shoulders. This outfit is perfect for when the sun goes down and the weather begins to get a little chilly. As for shoes, I wore little black booties, and Pierre Henry Bor Choker to accessorize. When summer finally rolls around this burgundy lace cami will be great as a stand-alone piece with jean shorts.

This is the first time I’ve ordered from NA-KD and I’m very pleased with the quality of pieces I ordered and how quickly everything arrived. As promised in the first paragraph I’ve included a special discount code and coupon code for the NA-KD website to save 30% off!!! Enter the code DIANE30 for a limited time to save.

Outfit Worn:

Black off the Shoulder Sweater 

Leather Pants

Burgundy Lace Cami

 Black Pants

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane


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