shopbop early access sale!

Do you know what can possibly be better than sales? Nothing, you might think. Well, there is: sale on sales! Shopbop sales are back for the last promotion of the season with a full 25% off on items already on sale for 3 days!  View Post

5 Style bags you'll carry forever

As women, our handbags are one of our best friends. We need something that fits our style, perfect for each occasion, and reliably long lasting to be by our side. Although handbag styles have drastically changed as a woman’s accessory, there are certain shapes and silhouettes that remain part of the handbag repertoire, and for good reason. These bags are known to be a girl’s best friend.

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trendy tennis shoes every parisian is wearingAround Paris it seems that women, even the most effortlessly chic types, are tossing aside their heels in exchange for something much more walkable (as can be much needed in this city). With the cool-casual 90’s style taking its aim on today it’s no surprise that tennis shoes are becoming less of a creature comfort and more of a fashion statement.

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shopbop sale and discount code

One of my absolute favorite thing to do is wait until holidays are over to go shopping and get clothing on sale. Are you super excited for another shopbop surprise sale?

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