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Are Luxury Brands Cheaper in Paris?

One question I get asked frequently is, “are luxury brands cheaper in Paris? and “Are designer bags cheaper in Europe?” Today, I’m excited to answer your burning questions about the pricing of designer brands and…

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How to Buy a Hermes Birkin Bag in Paris

People from all around the world travel to Paris to try to get their hands on one of the most coveted bags of our time, the Hermes Birkin Bag. This uniquely handmade bag is extremely…

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What to Wear to the Paris Opera House

You have many options when it comes to what to wear to the Paris Opera House. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend many shows at the Paris Opera House, and have…

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Understanding the Tax Refund Service in France and Galeries Lafayette new Self Service Tax Back Refund Machines

One thing I love about shopping in Paris is taking advantage the tax refund service in France. Many people think the tax refund service in France is complicated when in reality it’s very simple and…

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