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Jewelry is a girl’s best friend; well at least that’s how I think the saying should go. In reality, your jewelry often depends on your wardrobe and style. For me personally it is quite difficult to find jewelry pieces that fit well. They usually look too bulky on me or end up being difficult to wear after a couple minutes. But recently I discovered Edenly Jewellery and it was a pleasant surprise!

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I was immediately drawn to one of Edenly’s delicate bracelets called: the “Regard D’Orient Bracelet” in white gold with blue topaz and diamonds. This precious combination is aesthetically pleasing to contemplate. It is perfectly symmetric and well balanced. The marquise cut blue topaz is surrounded by two sublime diamonds that are like “tears that have been frozen forever”.

What I like most about this Edenly bracelet is that the chain is delicate enough to be layered with and over other dainty bracelets to create a tailored unique wrist look.

The value of the Edenly bracelet relies in the quality of its components: the two 0.03K Diamonds, the 9K white gold chain and a 0.19 Blue Topaz. All of which precisely combine for a perfect look. Despite this evident quality, Edenly Jewellery is comparatively 2 times cheaper than a traditional jewelry store with equal quality, since the diamonds are directly bought from manufacturers, so there is no intermediary.

Thanks to Edenly Jewellery I will be able to add more jewelry pieces to my everyday wardrobe! 

Edenly Jewellery:

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