How to juggle a full time job and a blog

5 tips on juggling a blog and a full time job

Today, I’m going to share with you my 5 tips on how to juggle a full time job and a blog. As many of you already know I work full time at an IT company that specializes in hotel software. I recently had to opportunity to sit down with Moshi for international women’s day to discuss what it is like being a women working in technology full time. You can read the article here. Juggling a full time job and a blog is not easy, but today I’m excited to share with you five tips and tricks for how to juggle a full time job and a blog

how to juggle a blog and a full time job

juggling a blog and a full time job tips and tricks

petite in paris sharing how to juggle a blog and full time job

Juggling multiple tasks can be difficult, but not impossible.The most important thing is that you have the right mind-set in place to make it work. Below are my 5 tips to juggling a full time job and a blog.

  1. Discipline, I use every available downtime I have to work on my blog, for example, it takes me an hour to ride the metro to work. I use this time to answer emails and to write blog posts.
  2. I do all my photoshoots on the weekends. On Thursday night, I plan out the locations I want to go to and the outfits I want to wear down to the accessories. This way when the weekend comes I already know what I will wear and where we will take photos.
  3. I edit all my photos right after photo-shoots. I came up with a star system where I go through Lightroom star the potential photos I like, then once I go through all the photos go back to those starred photos and eliminate all the ones I won’t use. Lastly, I prepare my favorites for Instagram.
  4. I schedule everything in my calendar including what Instagram photos I want to go live, blog posts, and events. I even add reminders in the day before on what I have coming up the next day. This helps me stay organize and manage my time effectively
  5. I set personal goals for myself. For example, today I want to edit X amount of photos or today I want to come up with X ideas for blog posts. By doing this I’m constantly motivating myself and pushing myself to the limits.

I understand that at times juggling both a blog and a career can be tough, there are many times early on that I wanted to quit. When I reflect back, I’m very happy that I didn’t give up and persevered through the tough times because I wouldn’t be where I am today without that. I’d love to hear what tips you have for juggling a full time job and a blog!

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