Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Best gifts for mother's day 2017

It’s that time of the year again, the time to celebrate our beloved mothers! We should be honoring them throughout the entire year, but Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to make them feel as special as ever. We know they never want nor need anything, but you still have some time to find to search for the perfect item which will bring out a smile on your Mother’s face.  This years date is set for the 14th of May (in France May 28th ) and we have set a list of perfect gift ideas for you to choose from.


1. Picture Frame

What we all appreciate the most are the times passed with our loved ones. A great gift idea could be as simple as buying a gorgeous picture frame and putting your most memorable moment with your mother and family, she will make this the center of the home decoration. It’s time to get creative by designing a beautiful composition and surprising your mother with it.

Shop · Picture Frames under $50

2. Cire Trudon Candles
With a History dated back to 1643, Claude Trudon created the most exquisite candles for decorating the palaces of the Royals. The scented candles were introduced in 2007 and until this day continue being referred to as the “Art of Candling” from rue Saint Germain de Pres in Paris. When visiting their website in the “Art of Gifting” section you can select some of their “Timeless Pieces” or you can answer the “Question of Style” which will allow you to purchase the perfect scent for your mother along with the beautiful cases. An excellent choice to keep the house smelling impeccably.
Shop · Cire Trudon Candles
3. Handbag
The perfect summer trend is a big hand bag and yes the bigger the better! Those which you can carry with everything and everywhere and you know how moms fill them up with all of their essentials for the day to night necessities or emergencies which may occur, so this is definitely a major go to piece for Mother’s day. Heres a selection of bags which we know can make a good Mother’s day gift.
Shop · Handbags
4. The Perfect Scarf by Hermes
The first “Carré” measuring 70cm by 70cm was introduced in 1937 by one of the most prestigious luxury brands. Until this day the Hermes scarves are treasured screen printed pieces of art made from silk or cashmere/silk blends which are collections sold twice a year.  The Lyon based pieces can today be purchased in different sizes, colors, designs and can be worn in so many ways. It’s the perfect accessory for mothers to get creative with their total looks.
Shop · Hermes Scarf
5. Chocolates
Christopher Elbow Chocolate
If your Mother is a sweet tooth, then Gourmet Chocolate made by the acclaimed chef Christopher Elbow is the perfect option for you. They have prepared a 11 delicious gift boxes for Mother’s Day. Get ready to order love made out of chocolate for this special occasion.
Shop · Christopher Elbow Chocolate
6. Monogram Mother’s Day Items
Cute items to remind your Mother everyday that she is your world is also a must! Nordstrom has a selection of keepsake boxes, pillows, mugs and tea pots which will remind your Mom hay much you cherish her on this day
Shop · Monogram Items
7. Flowers

Adding color and beauty to a room is the perfect way of illuminating the house. This is why flowers are always a go to option for any occasion, but if your Mother has a particular favorite then this is the moment to order them.

Shop · Roses with Cylinder Vase

8. Jewelry by Perle De Lune

perle de lune jewelry size

Delicate and elegant jewelry is never enough in a women’s’ accessory box. Whether it’s bracelets,earrings or necklaces which your Mother’s love collecting, Perle De Lune has the most refined alternatives as Mother’s Day gift ideas. Save 20% using BESTMUM read more here

Shop · Perle De Lune Jewelry

9. Herbivore Botanicals

Nourishing our skin is important and gifting essential vitamins and minerals which will contribute to the health of your mothers bodies is also a plus. Herbivore Botanicals has a wide selection of organic skincare, haircare products such as salts and oils which will turn your Mother’s baths into therapeutic bathing rituals.

Shop · Herbivore Botanicals

10. Bath Robe

After an amazing bath, what better that to dry up and wrap ourselves into a delicate and comfortable robe to walk around the house or just to relax in bed. Nordstrom carries a variety of designer robes which are made from the finest silts and you can also find in different designs and textiles such as charmeuse, feathers and wool. This is an item which all mothers would appreciate and contribute to giving them a kick start to their day.

Shop · Bath Robe

Mother’s Day in the US is May 14th and in France is May 28th!

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