My Love for VVA Continues with this Summer Handbag

vva blue handbag

I had discovered VVA handbags earlier this spring as I was looking for the perfect timeless bag that would transition from work to evening (check here). 

Since summer is right around the corner, I was looking for something more vibrant to accompany me into the new season. Trusting the VVA brand and craft, I knew that I would find the perfect classic yet fun and tasteful design that would do just that.

vva clutch

vva handbag


how i styled the vva hangbag

VVA handbag blue

Browsing through their website, this rich full grain leather, undecided between a vivid teal and a sharp cerulean blue, piqued my interest. The Dahlia Bluebell Leather Tote Handbag. The design of the bag itself is truly the best of both worlds: it can be updated to suit any outfit, situation or mood.

And how is that? Well, it’s so simple – I can just interchange the front pocket Ivy with another from the VVA Dahlia range, or change the tassel for a quick and simple style update. Which is essential if the bag eventually becomes somewhat “ too one-dimensional” colour-wise.

Also, what is more, the Dahlia Tote saves me so much time altogether,  as I can easily adapt it by removing the detachable front pocket clutch and tassel  and allowing me to use it as a separate cross body bag or clutch. It’s so simple: remove and use separately. A two-in-one!

What I love about this bag is it’s versatility and how simple it is to pair it with so many different outfits. It’s the right amount of pop of colour; it doesn’t overshadow my outfits but highlights and elevates the looks I pick.

As for the VVA Handbag, the Dahlia Leather Tote also has the signature pink Suede interior, which does not only complement the Bluebell exterior, but also makes it so much easier to find things in the numerous pockets inside.

VVA Handbags:

Website · VVA Handbags

Bag · VVA Dahlia Bluebell Leather Tote Handbag

Sincerely Petite in Paris,
Petite in Paris Diane


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