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9 days in and 2017 is already in full swing. I launched my first video you can see here, and now I’m excited to announce I’m moving into a new apartment.

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Like anyone moving can be stressful, especially if you are living in a foreign country like myself. After many sleepless nights, I finally found a place that is perfect, one located close to the Eiffel Tower. Even though, I’ve lived here for almost 2 years, I still can get over how beautiful the city is, so it only made sense to live close to the most incredible monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

Luckily for me my new place comes with furniture, but the one thing it lacks is kitchenware. I’ve lived in many places over the years, and I have 3 simple rules when it comes to purchasing kitchenware.

  1. Make sure the material is high quality
  2. It is Dishwasher safe
  3. It is Microwave safe

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After searching for many hours, I stumbled upon the Ollie box. Not only did they fit my 3 requirements, they are also very modern and trendy. Nervous about ordering kitchenware to Paris from the U.S, I got in direct contact with the Ollie Box team and they were super friendly and ensured me that they are equipped to handle international shipping.

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After receiving assurance from the Ollie team that the box would arrive safely, I proceeded to order the flyer collection. When my Ollie box  arrived, each plate, mug, glass, bowl, and ceramic jar was securely wrapped in bubble wrap. I was instantly blown away with the high quality and modern feel of the flyer collection.

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There are many things that I value about the Ollie Box collection; one of those is that all their designs are carefully crafted to enrich my living experience. All their designs are simple yet made with high quality minimalistic material. And if that wasn’t enough, all their materials are biodegradable. One thing’s for certain, I highly recommend the Ollie Box collection when shopping for modern home ware.

Flyer Collection includes:

2 Salad Bowls · 2 Large Bowls · 2 Small Dinner Plates · 2 Large Dinner Plates

1 Large & 2 Small Ceramic jars with acacia wood lids

2 Adventure awaits mugs

1 bamboo cutting board

 Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane

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