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I always love springtime; the flowers are blooming and the sun is constantly shining. With all these positive vibes around, What better place to shop then Marks and Spencer?

Best spring dresses at marks and spencer

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One of my favorite things about Marks and Spencer is their variety of clothing and accessories. It is a one-stop shop to get all your essentials including the spring and summer necessities. I found myself drawn to their everyday wear and sundress section. As a Paris Fashion blogger, I’m constantly searching for the perfect spring, multi-purpose dress. I always find it’s important to select outfits that I can wear on multiple occasions.

I initially spotted this green dress in the beachwear section. It was a must have piece for spring. The wonderful thing about this dress is its versatility. It can go from beachwear to everyday wear. I wore this dress walking around Paris, but it can easily be worn over a swimsuit as well.

To accessorize the dress, I added a thin belt. This one accessory allows you to create a natural silhouette. This is a little trick I regularly use to make an outfit more formfitting.

With the sun shining, what better way to accessorize than with a gorgeous textured summer hat? Being petite I was concerned that the hat would be too large, but it was a perfect fit! Another perfect accessory are sunglasses. You can’t have a spring outfit without a pair of sunglasses. I spotted this pair of classic aviator sunglasses that I knew would be perfect for spring and many of my outfits.

Happy Spring Shopping!


Dress · M&S Collection

Accessories · Leather Belt · Fedora · Sunglasses

Sincerely Petite in Paris,
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    I love that dress, it looks amazing on you! Beautiful curls, your hair is total goals <3

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