Bonjour Diane I am terribly sorry to trouble you but …

Comment on Understanding the Tax Refund Service in France and Galeries Lafayette new Self Service Tax Back Refund Machines by Patrick Wong.

Bonjour Diane

I am terribly sorry to trouble you but I have a similar situation to the others except I have gotten the stamp at customs and approved. I also completed all the details on the Pablo kiosk upstairs of the department store.

Essentially I opted for the credit card reimbursement and took my forms to the airport. Unfortunately I did not realise I had to send it back via mail so I threw away the envelope with all the details. I still have all the receipts and forms but just not the envelope with the address.

I was hoping you could help me with the correct mail address as I have already got everything approved but just need to send it back to Galeries Lafayette so they can process the tax return.

I saw the mailing address you replied to others but it looks like when you haven’t completed any steps and just have the receipts?

If you could help it would be great as I have tried to look for a number to call at Galeries Lafayette but there is none and they have not replied to my email and it has been a long time.

Thanks and much appreciated.