Hi, I purchased Gucci bag at Galleries Lafayette (Paris) last …

Comment on Understanding the Tax Refund Service in France and Galeries Lafayette new Self Service Tax Back Refund Machines by Ybur.

I purchased Gucci bag at Galleries Lafayette (Paris) last October, 12, 2018. Galleries tax section, gave me the tax form with all the details and my signature, and they told me that the form needs to be scanned in the CDG airport and drop it in the box. When I was in CDG airport on the tax refund section, I had the form scanned, the staff assisted me to do the scanning told me that no need to drop the form as scanning is sufficient. But until now I still haven’t received the credit of refund to my credit card. I also purchased LV items in the Louis Vuitton Champs Elysee store but within few days the credit for tax refund already shown in my credit card. So is it normal that it really has delay in the refund for Gallleries? Is it okey that I didn’t drop the form but scanning is enough as the form is still with me here back home?

Thanks in advance for reply.