Dear Diane, noted that you are the tax refund expertise …

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Dear Diane,

noted that you are the tax refund expertise for helping people to solve their tax refund problem and i m very happy to browse the web site here.
i m from Hong Kong, and i brought a Chanel handbag at paris Galeries Lafeyette at early Nov, and i picked to refund the tax to my credit card, and i still havent receive my tax refund until now, while i already receive the tax refund from the anothe Chanel bag which i brought from other Paris Chanel shop. i am a bit worried as i had sent out the enquiries email to galaries Lafayatte at [email protected] as shown in my tax free form, and i am not sure whether they would response me about the progress. when i was returned to Hong Kong from my last destination in London, i did all tax refund process from London airport under the assistant of staffs in London tax refund counter, i wonder whether i can really receive my tax refund by Jan 2019…as i m not familar with parisian culture, and i m worried that they would not read my english email and do not response my case. and what can i do further?? thanks for your advise!!