Hello, I just bought a Chanel purse at GL and …

Comment on Understanding the Tax Refund Service in France and Galeries Lafayette new Self Service Tax Back Refund Machines by Malinee.

I just bought a Chanel purse at GL and this is what o learned. I just want to let you know GL is running a scam that they don’t want the tourist/shoppers to know. The vat is 20% but GL is only returning less than 10% +\- . They are keeping the rest as their service of refunding your money back the same day or refunding back to your CC. So if you shop at Chanel at GL, you won’t get your full VAT. If you however shopped at the independent Chanel Btqs, you should get more VAT , close to 20%. This is what I learned and was really upset. Also, be aware, if you get cashback. You get less back compared to returning it back to your Credit card. Also, be aware, that you still need to get the stamp on the form AND when you return the envelope, You have to mail it and not drop it off on the global blue mailbox.
You must mail it to :
Galleries Lafayette Haussmann
Detaxe Haussmann
TSA 44 100
75 446 Paris Cedex 09

Make sure you have a STAMP on the envelope! It is not like Global Blue or Premier where they don’t require stamps.

I suspect that most of your readers have dropped it off
And/or sent it to the wrong taxfree companies. They may have forgotten to put a stamp on the envelope as well. So they may never receive their refund.

My advice; don’t shop at GL. If you plan on buying LV or Chanel, or other designers, go to the Independent boutique so you don’t have them take a certain percentage from your VAT. Scam I tell you!!! They must be making millions off of these innocent tourists.