10 French Phrases about Love!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would only make sense to write an article about the most popular French phrases about love . French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world and is often referenced as the most romantic language. If you have ever visited Paris and heard the French speak you would understand why. 

Love phrases in French
Diane and Aaron in Paris Photo taken by Meredith Jane

Today I’m excited to share with you 10 most popular love French phrases. These French love phrases are guaranteed to wow your significant other!

How to say I love you in French
Diane and Aaron Photo taken by Meredith Jane

1. French: Je t'aime English . Translation: I love you

Easily one of the most popular and common French love phrases is Je t’aime, which simply means I love you. This is such a popular phrase to use with your loved ones. Use this phrase to make your significant other all warm and fuzzy inside. This is a popular way that the French express their love for one another. If you want to make it a little extra special you can say “Je t'aime pour toujours” which means I will love you forever. Next time you want to say in French I love you, remember this little phrase. 

2. French: Je t'adore English Translation: I adore you

Probably the second most popular French love phrase is Je t’adore, which means I adore you. This is one phrase you will definitely hear if you visit Paris. I often use this phrase when I talk with Aaron!

3. French: mon amour English Translation: My Love

I couldn’t have an article about French love phrases without having at least one term of endearment on the list. My third favorite French love phrase is Mon Amour which means my love. This French phrase is commonly used by locals around Paris.

4. French: Tu es la femme de mes rêves English Translation: You are the woman of my dreams or French: tu es l'homme de mes rêves English Translation: You are the man of my dreams

The next French phrase is just too romantic not to include it in the list. This phrase is used over and over again by the French. I love sitting at a cafe and overhearing the French speak these romantic phrases to each other. It melts my heart.

5. French: mon amant English Translation: My lover

Another common love phrase is Mon Amant. While in english you probably wouldn’t refer to someone as your lover. In France, the French have no problem referring to their significant other as their lover or their love.

6. French: J’aimerais passer plus de temps avec toi English Tranlsation: I would love to spend more time with you

If someone tells you, J’aimerais passer plus de temps avec toi in French you know this person adores you and wants to spend more time with you! You will often hear this phrase among couples who recently started dating or people who have fallen in love!  

7. French: Je suis amoureux English Translation: I am in Love!

As soon as a Parisian falls in love, they want to shout it from the rooftop and let the world know. The French are so passionate about love, and as soon as they found someone they are in love they will tell all their friends, “Je suis Amoureux” which means I am in love. I can guarantee if you use this phrase with your significant other, they will be dazzled.

8. French: Embrasses moi English Translation: Kiss Me

If you are in Paris you might hear the French phrase, embrasses moi. This popular French romantic phrase means kiss me. This isn’t a forceful or demanding way to say kiss me, but a passionate way. 

9. French: Est-ce que tu veux sortir avec moi English Translation: Would you like to go out with me?

After you find someone you have a crush on you may want to ask them on a date. One of the most popular french phrases for asking someone on a date is “Est-ce que tue veux sortir avec moi” This simply means would you want to go on a date with me? This is a perfect French love phrase to charm someone you just started dating.

10. French: Veux-tu m'épouser? English Translation: Will you Marry me?

If you are really going for a grand gesture this French phrase, meaning will you marry me is perfect for you! One of the most romantic things you can do is ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you and what better way than to ask someone to marry you not only in english but French as well. This is by far one of my favorite french love phrases! 

In short the most common French love phrases include: Je t'aime (I love you), Je t'adore (I adore you), Mon amour (My love), Mon amant (My lover), Tu me rends fou (You're driving me crazy), Je suis amoureux (I'm in love), Embrasses moi (Kiss me), Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi (I can't live without you), and Veux-tu m'épouser (Will you marry me)?

Additional popular French phrases

The most popular question regarding French language is simply how do you say Love in French? The answer is simple, “l'amour” While love is a popular word to use, I highly recommend you use one of the French love phrases listed above. Another question I get asked frequently is what is the french word for beautiful? The French word for beautiful is belle when talking about a female and beau when talking about a male. 

You might be also wondering what are some popular French nicknames you can use on your boyfriend or girlfriend. Here are a few: Mon amour – my love Mon ange – my angel Mon trésor – my treasure Mon coeur – my heart

Well there you have it 10 French phrases to talk about Love and how you feel. I would love to hear from you, have you used any of these French Love phrases before or is this the first time hearing them?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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