8 Women’s Activewear Brands You’ll Love

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what is the best active wear for the spring

Everyone has a different health regime or diet to follow, periodically or as a lifestyle. But, if you have been thinking about getting some workout done and want to get into good fitness sessions to have that summer body ready, and don't know how or when to start, then here is the first step: getting the right gear.  To become a fitgirl also means purchasing the equipment which will allow you to enjoy the routine or sport of your choice.

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Whether it's: yoga, dancing, running, or just walking around your neighborhood, it's important to be comfortable and choose the pieces which you will identify with the most. Your activewear will all depend on what sport you decide to do. It's not easy to go from everyday fashionable looks and putting your heels aside, trading them into activewear and sneakers. So just start by forgetting about using your sweatpants and realizing that there are more stylish body conscious brands to choose from.

Here is a selection of sportswear brands at great prices to help your search:

1. Lulu Lemon

With a philosophy in construction and creating functional designs for all sports, this brand caters to those consumers looking for innovation. One of the reasons Lulu Lemons is the first one I recommend is due to their return policy. I love they stand by their product, and if it ever becomes damaged or you have an issue with your purchase they will happily exchange it. This is even true if you bought the product second hand. I love this philosophy and their products. 

2. Beyond Yoga

Contemporary fashion brand creating versatile Sportswear which you can mix and match, fitting it in with your everyday wardrobe and adding a unique style to your look. What I love about Beyond Yoga is their fun designs and inspirational work out gear. 

beyond yoga pink top

3. Vaara

Model and entrepreneur Tatiana Korsakova created an effortless chic activewear brand to inspire women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exquisite designs without having to compromise comfort for elegance. These high quality products are perfect if you are getting into shape, while looking stylish at the same time. 

vaara paris fashion blogger

4. Nike

Nike should come to no surprise that it is on this list. Nike has been one of the leading industry brands when it comes to work out attire. Also, Nike is one of my personal favorites. High energy activewear with cutting-edge designs and with a touch of urban style.

5. Fabletics by Kate Hudson

The actress, Kate Hudson, Fabletics brand brings a different concept behind her activewear. Allowing the customer to subscribe to the page and by doing this you would automatically have a customizable selection of pieces to choose from. Fabletics has become popular by activewear enthusiast worldwide. Discover why this brand is so popular. 

paris fashion blogger work out clothes

6. Adidas

Another one of my favorite brands is Adidas. Adidas has made a comeback in recent years and continues to rise in popularity. Their resistant, high-quality activewear, has traditional designs. You have designer collaborations, equipment for all kinds of sports and diverse collections within this brand. 

7. We Are Handsome

Ultra feminine designs re-imagining activewear for the women who is in constant movement. These embody the personality and the magic and the world of its consumers.

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8. Target C9 by Champion

Everyone loves Target and their activewear by C9 Champion is no exception. Affordable, high quality, and stylish is the trifecta of activewear needed to add to your wardrobe. These bold colors and impeccable silhouettes meet high quality designs at good prices with “C9” Target's Activewear line by Champion.

c9 new target activewear

Shop · C9 By Champion

In short the most popular and highly recommend activewear are the follow: lulu lemons, nike, adidas, target's c9 by champion, we are handsome, beyond yoga, vaara, and fabletics. I would love to hear what your favorite activewear brands are in the comments below.

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  1. Great Post! These are good collections. I’ve been scoring the google to find some good brands that are affordable, finally landed on one that sold yoga outfits that are comfortable, affordable and fit my taste. You should check it out, here’s the link: https://www.climawear.com/

  2. Mark Calloway says:

    Great Post! Nice Collections Love the outfit of women’s leggings. Colour is also looking good. Do you have some more collections…