Petite in Paris, Diane Coletta, Diane Marz
Petite in Paris, Diane Marz

Hello Everyone,

Petite in Paris was founded in 2016 by Diane Marz, and currently headquartered in NYC, USA with a love for Paris, France.

Today, the Petite in Paris team creates content for over a Million People on Instagram, Pinterest, and the Petite in Paris Website every Month!

There are so many exciting sections on the website we are very proud of including: fashion, travel, handbags, and beauty! Newly added short videos!!

(Diane’s size for reference is: height 4’11 / 150 CM, waist 24, and typically a shoe size of 5 – 5.5).

Diane has worked with hundreds of brands including: Dior, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, The Real Real, Ralph Lauren, Google, and many, many more!

We hope you enjoy this little corner,

Diane & The Petite in Paris Team

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