Is Cartier Cheaper in Europe in 2022?

Is Cartier Cheaper in Europe?
Diane wears a Cartier Love Ring on her index finger

It is safe to say people are traveling both domestically and internationally again. With that being said, the topic of shopping always comes up. Today’s topic was inspired by an Instagram message I received which said, “I’m traveling to Paris and I was wondering, Is Cartier Cheaper in Europe.” It got me thinking, if one person has this question, then I’m sure many people are probably curious about the price difference is between Cartier in Europe vs Cartier in USA.

BREAKING NEWS! As of August 2021, Cartier Has increased their pricing! More BREAKING NEWS, As of June 2022, Cartier has increased their price in Europe See below for the updated pricing.

History of Cartier

Cartier Cheaper in Europe
Cartier love ring & bracelet, Juste un Clou ring & bracelet
© Cartier_community

Before making any big purchase, I love exploring the history of the brand. The history of Cartier is very fascinating, so I wanted to share it with you.

The year is 1847 and in the midst of the French Revolution watchmaker Louis Francois Cartier took over his teacher’s workshop to produce luxurious and fashionable pieces of jewelry. His passion and attention to detail garnered the much deserved recognition he received. 

Eventually Cartier gained the recognition from noble kings and queens from around the world. This put Cartier on the map permanently. Today, Cartier is one of the most recognized brands worldwide and continues to push the envelope to create gorgeous, timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.

Without further ado let’s go ahead and dive into the question you came here for today, is Cartier Cheaper in Paris?

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Is Cartier Cheaper in Europe?

Is Cartier cheaper in Europe
Cartier Love Bracelet · Is Cartier Cheaper in Europe? © ncl_style

One of the most popular pieces that Cartier sells is the 16 MM Cartier Love bracelets. For this reason, I thought the price comparison between the Cartier Love Bracelet in Europe and the Love Bracelet in the USA would be the most interesting!

Now it’s time for some number crunching to find out the answer to the question: Is Cartier Cheaper in Paris / Europe or the USA? Drum roll please…..

Table: Cartier Love Bracelet (16MM sizing) – Thick Cartier Love Bracelet

PricePrice USD
USA (JUNE 2022)$6,900 + 612 Tax$7,512
Europe 20216,550€ – 786€
Tax Refund
$6,042 (5764€)
Europe Jan 20226,750€ – 810
Tax Refund
$6,227 (5940€)
Europe June 20227,100€ – 852€
Tax Refund
$6,550 (6248€)
Price Difference$962
June 2022 Euro = USA Rate 1.05

The short answer is Yes, Cartier is cheaper in Europe!! The Cartier Love Bracelet is cheaper in Europe by $962!! Meaning, if you travel to Paris and you buy the same Cartier bracelet you would buy in the USA you’ll save $962! (Previously the price difference was $518).

In August 2021, Cartier increased their pricing by 3%! This isn’t the first price increase Cartier has done this year. In June 2022, Cartier increased their prices in Europe. HOWEVER! The EURO to USD exchange rate has dropped dramatically. As of June 2022 for Every 1 Euro it’s equal to 1.05 USD.

If you live in a lucky state in the USA that does not have sales tax (I’m looking at you, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon) then Cartier is cheaper by $100 in Europe. Unlike Hermes, depending on what state you live in Cartier isn’t a brand I’d recommend booking a flight to Europe just for a Cartier bracelet. However, if you’re already traveling to Europe and you were thinking about buying one then you will save almost $1,000 by buying it in Europe. 

Should I travel to europe to buy Cartier
Should I travel to Europe to buy Cartier?
Is Cartier worth it?
Is Cartier Cheaper in Paris?
Is Cartier Cheaper in Paris
Cheers! Cartier Love Bracelets,
Cartier Love Bracelet price in Paris
Cartier Love Bracelet and diamonds

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For those traveling to Europe to go shopping, one of my rules of the thumb is the following: if the brand is made in Europe typically it is cheaper in Europe. On the flip side if the brand is from the US then it’s typically cheaper in the US. I would say this works for about 90% of brands!

Price Increase of the Cartier Love Bracelet in 2019 – 2021

Should I buy a Cartier Bracelet in Europe
Is Cartier Cheaper in Europe? Cartier and Other Bracelets Stacked © Cartier

Cartier, like many other luxury brands, raises their price every year. Is it as dramatic as Chanel in 2020 by increasing their price 21%? No definitely not, I would say on average it ranges between 3%-6% depending on the piece and the collection. 

For this reason, I always encourage people if you are thinking about buying a Cartier Bracelet or Cartier piece buy it now because the timeless pieces will always increase in Price. 

Below is a table of the Cartier Love bracelet price increase from the last few years. It is important to note that Cartier has not yet increased their prices in Europe. If they do, this changes the game completely. It has not been confirmed yet it there will be an increase in Price in Europe, however, based on previous years, I believe it’s highly likely. Typically, I see the USA increase their prices first, followed by Europe.  

As of June 2022, The Cartier Love Bracelet is $6,900. There has been no price increase since August 2021 in the US.

YearPrice in the USA% increase
2020$6,550+ 3.1%
2021$6,900+ 5.3%

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Does Cartier Qualify for the Tax Refund in Europe?

Cartier Price in Paris
Cartier Love Bracelet and Chanel Bag

You may be wondering if the Cartier Love Bracelet or Cartier jewelry qualifies for the tax refund in Europe? Yes, yes Cartier does qualify for the tax refund in Europe, as long as you spend more than 100.01 Euros, which at Cartier is easy. In Paris, the tax refund on luxury jewelry is 12% off. The tax refund is one of the reasons Cartier is cheaper in Europe.  

Is Cartier Cheaper to buy Secondhand? 

Cartier Pricing in Europe
Cartier Love ring and other dainty rings © Classic Cartier

In my opinion, Cartier does a remarkable job of holding its value. In fact, many secondhand websites sell Cartier bracelets for almost the same as retail price. With that being said, if you wait until a sale or some sort of special promotion on Fashionphile or the Real Real, then it’s definitely possible that you will be able to snag a high quality Cartier piece from a secondhand shop.

But remember it’s important to be patient. I definitely think adding a Cartier piece to your jewelry collection is a great idea! In fact, I recently wrote an article about my thoughts on the Cartier Love ring you can read about here.

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Conclusion: Is Cartier Cheaper in Europe

Cartier Pricing in Paris
Cartier Diamond Love Bracelets and Ring · Is Cartier Cheaper in Europe

I’d love to hear from you guys, are you surprised with the price difference of Cartier between the USA and France? Did you think Cartier was cheaper in Europe? To me the answer is shocking, my guess would have been Cartier would be significantly cheaper in Europe, especially because it is a Parisian brand.

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Here is my final thought for the day… could this be a new trend we are seeing? Are European brands trying to make pricing almost even worldwide? If so I wonder how this would impact tourism, I know many people who book trips to Paris simply to go shopping because of the tax refund. As always I love hearing from my readers. So let me know, what do you think about the Cartier Price in Europe?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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