Best Bangs for Your Face and How to Style Them

Best Bangs For Your Face

Getting bangs is an easy instant style statement. Picking the right bangs for your face on the other hand can turn out to be not such an easy decision. Assuming now you took that leap of faith and went for the big chop, now that you've stepped out of the salon the fate and longevity of your bangs are in your hands. That's why not only will we help you pick the right bangs for your face, but also give you some needed advice on how to style them!

To find the best bangs for you, we will narrow it down to 5 bang styles: straight, curly or wavy, side-swept and blunt – keeping in mind that each of the following has different variations (short cut, round cut, etc.), but we'll keep it simple.

Straight Bangs

 Straight bangs

Straight bangs are usually cut straight across the forehead at eyebrow level, but are not necessarily thick (it depends on your hair texture. This style is perfect for oval faces.
Styling: To avoid the bangs from looking flat use a volumising spray or mousse. Apply volumising mousse (size of a nickel) to the ends of your bangs and volumising spray to the roots of your bangs, which will create smoothness through the bangs.

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Curly or Wavy Bangs

Wavy Bangs

Secondly, the curly or wavy bangs. A naturally curly fringe can look eccentric and playful (think Miranda July) or kind of vintage inspired, so do not feel afraid to astray from the conventional straight style. This style of bangs works best for faces with soft edges, mostly oval.

Styling: Start with damp bangs, use a dime size of curl cream, apply cream to ends and let it distribute into the roots. Use your fingers to push up your bangs to where you would like to see them grazing on your forehead. And finally let them dry either naturally or with a diffuser, giving you definition, texture and shape.

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Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are perfect for commitment-phobes. This look is extremely low-maintenance. They grow out easily and are super blendable with the rest of your hair. This hairstyle suits best heart-shaped and oval faces.

Styling: Start on damp hair, and apply volumiser through roots and start rough drying. Create messy texture by blow drying hair whilst combing bangs to the side.

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Side-Swept Bangs

When asking the question: What bangs for your face? 4 out 5 chances are the side-swept bangs would work on you. They suit round faces, oval (of course), square, long and heart-shaped faces. It all depends on length. Eye-grazing bangs, in this case, are the most esthetic.

Styling: As usual, start on damp hair. Use lightweight mousse and blowdry whilst brushing away from the face to create lift and side-swept style. A volumising spray is always a good idea as well.

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Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs

Last in our list: the blunt bangs.  Blunt, thick bangs can sometimes be more high-maintenance and have to be styled a little differently.

Styling: Start by using a quarter of a dime size of intensive hair oil on damp hair before blow drying. Right after, to get that perfect definition and shape, flat iron the bangs, followed by a waxy pomade to keep everything in place. And finally, always keep a comb in your purse to fix your bangs throughout the day.

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