Best Running Accessories to Help You achieve Your 2017 Goals

Best work out gear for running

Hello 2017! I am so excited to see where this year will take us. 2016 was a crazy fun year and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed! I am thrilled to bring you details about a special project I’ve been working on to ring in 2017…

This empowering video, filmed and directed by Hadrien Sygnet, is designed to motivate everyone towards achieving goals and following through on New Years resolutions.

This year I personally have several goals I’m working towards. One big goal is to continue my health regimen by becoming more involved in running! I have always enjoyed running but this year, I plan to incorporate a 10k run into my plans.

When I first started running I dreaded getting ready and starting that first mile. The beginning of the run was always the worst, but I knew if I could get past it then I could go for a few more miles. Running has evolved from a task to really a hobby that I enjoy!

work out gear for the new year

Living in a big city, like Paris, it is extremely important to be aware of your surroundings. Often I run alone, so safety is a top priority. In the video you can see that I always use my iPhone to play music when running.  Before discovering the Moshi running kit, I would go running holding my phone. Not an ideal situation.

To accommodate my long distance running, I wanted something that would secure my phone and I could easily attach and reattach to change songs, which is exactly what the Moshi armband does! For everyone who has the iPhone 6 or 6s like me, the Endura and the armband is what I use, and if you have the iPhone 7 the running kit is perfect for you!

iphone holder when you go running

In addition to securing your phone the next most important thing is, which headphones you’re going to wear. When choosing the best headphones the 2 most important questions to consider is comfort and battery life. Ask yourself will these headphones feel just as comfortable on mile 10 as mile 1 and will these headphones stay charged the entire duration of my run? Many times these questions are overlooked, but the last thing you want is an uncomfortable headphone when running. When Moshi launched its first Bluetooth wireless earphones, I was instantly drawn to them. Not only were they wireless and comfortable, they had a battery life of 8 hours! I gave them a try and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Like I said in my previous post about Moshi, they are known for making high quality products, and these running products did not disappoint! Below I’ve linked great products Moshi has to offer with your 2017 workouts!

So here we go into 2017! May it be the healthiest and happiest year ever! Cheers

Accessories worn:

 iPhone 6 · Endura & Armband

iPhone 7 · Running Kit

Wireless Headphones · Mythro Air

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane

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