Are Chanel Earrings a Good Investment?

Chanel is notorious for creating iconic and recognizable handbags, jewelry, and clothing. One of the most popular pieces of jewelry Chanel sells is their earrings. If you are thinking about splurging and purchasing a pair of Chanel Earrings you probably have a few questions. As someone who has purchased multiple pairs of Chanel Earrings I wanted to share with you why I think Chanel Earrings from the fine jewelry section are a good investment!

Chanel Earrings a Good Investment
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Are Chanel Earrings a Good Investment?

Several Vintage Chanel Earrings
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Yes, Chanel Earrings are a good investment if you purchase the fine jewelry Chanel Earrings. These Earrings are made with real gold, retain their value, and are easy to wear and style

If you are looking to purchase the Chanel costume jewelry, that is not a good investment as they don’t retain their value, aren’t made of real gold, and tend to have more issues. 

Chanel’s Costume Earrings vs Fine Jewelry Earrings

Costume Chanel Earrings vintage
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Chanel carries two different types of earring, costume jewelry earrings and fine jewelry earrings. On average, the costume jewelry tends to be less expensive than the fine jewelry. 

In the Chanel costume jewelry section you will find statement pieces that are very elaborate and heavy into the Chanel logo. These pieces tend be to be extremely trendy and fun. 

In the Chanel fine jewelry section you will find more dainty jewelry that can be classified as timeless pieces. Chanel’s fine jewelry can be worn as a standalone piece or paired with your other jewelry. 

Are Chanel earrings Real Gold?

Chanel Coco Fine Jewelry Earrings
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If you purchase Chanel earrings from the fine jewelry section, then YES they are real 18k gold.

If you purchase Chanel earrings from the costume jewelry section, then no they are NOT real gold, and are made of metals. 

Both fine Chanel jewelry and costume Chanel jewelry is expensive. For me, I’d rather investment and purchase Chanel earrings from the fine jewelry section knowing they are real gold.

Do Chanel earrings retain their value?

Vintage Chanel Earrings CC logo
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Chanel fine jewelry earrings on average retain 80-85% of their value. Chanel costume earrings retain on average between 50-65% of their value. As someone who is always looking to purchase investment jewelry pieces, and investment handbags, in my opinion purchasing Chanel’s fine jewelry is a better investment. 

Costume Chanel Earrings with the Crystals Experience

Crystal Chanel Earrings
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I’ve owned the costume jewelry Chanel double c logo earrings with crystals for years, and I’ve encountered several problems with these earrings with the crystals falling out. On the plus side, Chanel does a great job replacing and fixing the earrings, but on the negative side it's happened more than once. If you are considering purchasing Chanel Earrings with crystals that look like little diamonds, I would prepare yourself after several wears the crystals can become unglued.  

Where to purchase Chanel Earrings?

Big Vintage Chanel Earrings
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If you are looking to purchase Chanel earrings you have several options. You can purchase them directly from the Chanel store, and through their online click and connect feature. If you are looking to purchase vintage Chanel jewelry then I recommend you check out Fashionphile, Rebag, and What Goes Around Comes Around. You’ll be able to find some extremely unique Chanel Earrings that were sold years ago and are still timeless to this day. I love vintage Chanel shopping for handbags and jewelry. 

Final Thoughts on if Chanel Earrings are a Good investment

Are Chanel Earrings a good investment?
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In short, Chanel Earrings are a good investment from the fine jewelry section. I’ve owned several pairs of earrings from Chanel’s fine jewelry and have never had any issues with them. I’d love to hear in the comments do you own any Chanel Earrings or are you thinking about adding it to your jewelry collection?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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