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Paris is notorious for having emerging designers and one of my favorite things to do is to discover these brands. I can't wait to share with you my most recent discover, a brand called Cholat.

paris fashion blogger where to parisians shop

My friend Diane, who runs the blog The Classy Time was the first to introduce me to the brand. She insisted I go look at their Instagram and website. I was immediately blown away by their incredible designs. I knew I had to book an appointment to check out their showroom. Once I arrived, their showroom was everything I imagined it to be and more!  It was filled with lace, feathers, and even sequin pieces. I was in love with everything! Each piece is uniquely crafted down to the last detail.

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I had a few events and a holiday in mind that I wanted to get pieces from Cholat for! The first cocktail attire event was for the movie premiere of Fifty Shades Darker. I knew I wanted to get something that was long sleeve considering it's still freezing in Paris, but I had no idea what! That's when I saw it, this incredible lace black piece! You sometimes know when real life is like an emoji? This was one of those moments where my eyes lit up. 😍  All I was thinking was, this is the perfect piece for this event! This black lace long sleeve dress was absolutely magnificent and fit perfectly. I adored the high quality material as well.

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The next piece I was shopping for was my trip to Iceland. Yes, you read correctly I'm heading to Iceland later this month, and I couldn't be more ecstatic. It is also freezing there so I wanted to make sure to grab warm pieces! (Iceland blog post coming soon). The first winter piece that caught my eye was this chunky knit grey sweater. What I adored about this sweater chunky knit sweater was the design on the front which is extremely chic. The 3rd piece that caught my eye was this lace tank top, I knew that it was the perfect layering or standalone piece. I wore the lace detailed top and layered it under my grey chunky knit sweater. I’m constantly talking about multi-purpose pieces and this lace tank top fits perfectly into that category.

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The next winter piece I spotted was a soft knit cardigan. This is also perfect for layering. The great thing about this cardigan is how it is a bit oversized, giving off an natural off the shoulder look. I paired the cardigan with the tank top that I wore under the chunky grey knit sweater above. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different layering techniques, especially in the winter.

One thing you probably already know about me, if you have been following along, is that I’m obsessed with jewelry. I honestly believe that being a Parisian fashion blogger has only feed into this addiction. Which is why I waited until the very end to start exploring their jewelry pieces. My favorite thing about their jewelry pieces is each piece incorporates their logo. I ended up getting this gorgeous Clara Crystal necklace and these Ida Birdy earrings.

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These are just some of the pieces that I fell in love with at the showroom. There were many, many, others that are incredible as well! If you are in Paris I highly recommend you check out their showroom, trust me you will be as blown away as I was. Or if you’re not in Paris that’s okay as well, you can shop online here! One thing to keep in mind is that Cholat is direct to consumer, which means they are able to keep the prices down making each piece more affordable! I wanted to make sure to do something special for my readers so I talked to the brand and they were able to exclusively give you a 20% off using Petite20 at checkout! Happy Shopping! 🙂 

** update: sadly, this brand closed because of the pandemic

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane

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  1. Thank you Darling, all the pieces fits you perfectly I am so glad you discovered a new brand you like !
    You’re the best ! <3