Create Your Own Customized Perfume in Paris

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customize your own perfume at galeries lafayette

If you are looking for a unique gift or have an obsession with perfume, I highly recommend you create your own customized perfume in Paris! As many of you already know I'm obsessed with perfume and always looking to find new and refreshing scents. While the big brands are amazing, I love finding perfume brands with unique scents that are not as common. I was so excited to discover that a famous french perfumery, Ex Nihilo was offering a one of a kind experience to create your own scent at Galeries Lafayette. I couldn't wait to customize my own perfume in Paris!

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customize your own perfume in paris
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If you haven't heard of Ex Nihilo it's a “Parisian perfume house. An alternative to stereotyped luxury products, an alternative to the mass personalization.” They are best known for their amazing scents and unique bottles. This would be the first time that I was going to be able to create my own customized perfume in Paris.

When I arrived at Galeries Lafayette, I was able to discover the different scents Ex Nihilo has to offer. Although it was a tough decision after smelling tons of scents for the base, I finally decided on Fleur Narcotique.

The second set of scents I experience was what would be added to the base. This was where I heavily relied on the experts to tell me what would paired well with the base perfume I chose. I ended up settling on “Rose of May”. (I chose this add-on after the perfume chemist told me the rose scent indicates happiness)

After choosing the base and the add in. It was time to mix my perfume concoction together. The perfume expert helped me mix the first ingredient in and then I handed it off to him to perfect the perfume. Once everything was mixed and personalized I couldn't wait to smell the final product. It smelled divine, a very light scent with a dash of rose, which is perfect for everyday use. The good news is after the experience they give you a recipe card so you have the option to recreate your scent in the future. I definitely recommend this experience if you are visiting Paris or even if you live here.

Many people don't know this, but before you decide on a perfume make sure you spray it on your skin. Many perfumes give off different scents when you are wearing the perfume.

From now until August 5th visit Ex Nihilo pop up stand at Galeries Lafayette to customize your own perfume and personalize your own bottle. If you can't make it before August 5th don't worry, because they have a permanent stand in the beauty section on the ground floor.

** photos by the talented Vénus Guérineau**

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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