Discovering Keara Bags

Keara bag envelope clutch

I first discovered Keara Bags at a local shop in Paris called, La Boutique Équatorienne shop. As many of you already know I love discovering new unique, high quality brands from all over the world.

keara bag envelope clutch
Keara bag envelope clutch petite in paris
Keara bag hobo bag how to style
how to style a hobo bag keara bag

What I love about this brand’s products is the notable high quality workmanship. Each bag is made in Senegal, West Africa by a local artisan! The local Senegal artisans have learned their skills from previous generations and will continue to pass their skills on to future generations. By purchases a Keara bag not only are receiving a beautifully handcrafted bag you are providing a stable job for a young artisan! These are a few things that make Keara bags unique.

I own multiple pieces from the Keara collection and I constantly wear them on many occasions. The 2 shown here are the Keara clutch and the hobo bag. Below are 3 different ways I styled Keara Bags.

  1. Cream Shorts and A White Top – Adding a Keara envelope clutch is perfect way to accessorize this outfit. The Keara clutch is a tan clutch with a colorful strap. Not only did I pair this clutch with the cream shorts and a white top, I wore it on several other occasions. This is one of those timeless pieces that you’ll carry for years to come.
  2. Sundress and Heels – One of my favorite ways to style this clutch is with a sundress and a pair of heels. In both outfits I chose to wear a lighter colors to allow the Keara bag to really pop.
  3. Jean Shorts and White Tank – This is one of my favorite hobo bags I’ve ever owned. I adore the bright and colorful strap! I also love how there is so much space inside the bag. Once again, I paired this with a white top to really have the bag be the focus of my outfit.

One of the most important things when you are styling yourself is having one piece to be your focal point. In my case, I wanted to Keara bag to really stand out, so I wore neutral colors with it!

Keara Bags Website:

 Keara Bags

Bags worn:

Clutch · Envelope Clutch

Hobo Bag · Tan Suede Hobo Bag

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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