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Perfume has always fascinated me; however, finding the perfect one has always been a challenge.

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Additionally, the older I get the more problems I have with my allergies. Perfume, unfortunately, tends to fall into the category of things to avoid. It wasn't until I discovered Le Jardin Retrouve that I realized I didn't have to shy away from perfume anymore. Made with authentic ingredients, Le Jardin Retrouve is the absolutely amazing. The perfumes’ fragrances are refreshing, and do not bother my allergies!

The Le Jardin Retrouve fragrance line is truly unique. I recommend you goto their website and request a sample kit. Here you will be able to try all 8 perfumes and chose which one you desire the most. Good luck choosing just one! My personal favorite is the Sandalwood.

If you're anything like me, your knowledge of perfume and the perfumery industry is limited! I was lucky enough to be invited to experience the Le Jardin Retrouve showroom. Michel and Clara welcomed me to experience their perfumery first hand. While there, I toured the perfumery lab, discovered the ingredients used in the perfumes, and learned the history of their company.

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Perfumeries typically are placed in one of three categories:

  1. Luxury market – Considered mainstream, based in selective distribution. Perfume examples include Tom Ford, Chanel, Armani, etc.
  2. Mass market – Sold in a lot of supermarkets. Here you will find celebrity perfumes.
  3. Niche / Indie market – Smaller stores sell indie perfumes. Perfumes that fall into this category are more about the art than focusing on mass production.

Le Jardin Retrouve falls into the last category (niche). All of their fragrances are produced in their own lab; great sourced ingredients made in small batches. What is even more impressive is that the original formulas, which dates back to 1975, have only been modified twice. For Michel, following his father’s vision has been indelible.  When they decided to relaunch the brand last year, keeping the company’s history was a must.

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Today, Le Jardin Retrouve has an incredible showroom based in the 17th arrondissement. Michel and Clara both run Le Jardin Retrouve and you can see their passion for perfumery when speaking with them. If you are interested in visiting the showroom, whether you live in Paris or are just visiting, just send them a quick e-mail. Michel and Clara would be more than happy to show you the showroom and history of Le Jardin Retrouve.

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  1. This is so cool! Totally random, but jealous of how your hair curls!

  2. Michael B says:

    …to find the right perfume is not actually a challenge. Let’s say yours is the SUN di Gioia by Armani but you don’t know it yet… Good Luck! Michael B…