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Paris Boutik library hotel in ParisLast month I introduced you to a new hotel apartment concept by Paris Boutik, where I discovered their new grocery store location.  Today, I want to take you through their original hotel apartment called the Library Boutik.

Paris Boutik Library hotel concept Paris

paris boutik paris france

Paris Boutik Paris France

Paris Boutik

Much like their grocery store boutique, their library location is in the heart of the city. There were a few things that truly impressed me about the apartment. The first being the fact that they had over 4,000 books located in this apartment. This is perfect for every book lover, writer, or even anyone looking to discover a new experience in France. I love the community they have created around this experience. You are able to grab your favorite book for the week, or even leave a book behind for the next guest to enjoy!

Another thing that impressed me about the apartment is how much effort the went into comfort.  The apartment is filled with lights.  Not just one massive light that is intended to provide lighting but numerous fixtures and lamps everywhere so that light is readily available without being discomforting.  The Paris Boutik team also took extra effort to make sure that the apartment is shielded from noise.  When you are inside the apartment, truly, the environment is as quiet as you would expect from a library.  Inside the apartment, you are truly able to relax and escape into a good read.

After talking with the team for a while, I learned that their vision is to convert several previous storefronts into themed apartments.  Each one with its own experience. Upcoming themes include a fashion studio, a wine specialist, and a cheese shop.  The idea is to really live inside a classical parisian store while experiencing the best parts of parisian life. If you are visiting Paris or even if you live in the area, I highly recommend Paris Boutik! 

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