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I’m always looking to expand my closet with timeless, indispensable pieces. I’ve recently added this gorgeous black classic top from Repeat Cashmere

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What I love about Repeat Cashmere is the wide array of classic tops, sweaters, and cardigans that never go out of style. As a fashion blogger, I’m always looking for new brands. I stumbled upon their Instagram few months ago and was smitten by all their gorgeous clothes. With all the incredible pieces I had kept seeing, I knew I had to check out their website. Which is where I spotted this gorgeous black silk long sleeve top.

Part of a complete wardrobe includes several key pieces. I believe that Repeat Cashmere will provide those items and more. I’ve been looking for the perfect silk black top for a while and this one was just what I was looking for. My favorite thing about this look is how the sleeves slightly flare out. I decided to dress up this piece for a more formal night with a silk skirt, clutch and black lace up heels. Another option would be to wear this top for a casual night out, simply throw on a pair of jeans and go. What is great about Repeat Cashmere pieces is the multiple ways you can style them with layering or simply as a stand-alone item.

Repeat Cashmere is known for their classic luxury knitwear pieces. Their clothing is an investment that will continue to pay dividends. In my wardrobe I am always looking for additions that will be my investment pieces. I feel confident that these high quality items will last a long time, looking fresh each season. Remember to weave high quality pieces into your wardrobe. You will never go wrong and don’t be surprised if these treasures will become your go to pieces for many years to come.


Website · Repeat Cashmere

Top · Repeat Cashmere Blouse

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