Fall Fashion Trends with the New G-SHOCK Watch

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Typically, when I’m looking to style an outfit, I look at what do I want my staple piece to be? What do I want to really stand out in an outfit? Then everything is styled around that one piece. For me, today’s styled outfit is centered around my new G-SHOCK women's watch. 

Beige sweater and leather pants
Diane wears a Beige Sweater, Leather Pants, and G-SHOCK Watch

If you are like me, then you are always looking for timeless pieces to invest in. I love purchasing pieces that I will not only wear this season but for seasons to come. These are what I call investment pieces. Typically, for my investment pieces, I spend more to obtain high quality items. Today, I’m going to share with you timeless fall fashion trends that you should add to your wardrobe. 

Since my entire outfit is styled around the new G-SHOCK GMS5600 Women's watch (which I consider a timeless piece), let’s go ahead and begin with why I adore the new watch. Plus, I'll share with you some design features that are truly remarkable.

The new G-SHOCK Women’s Watch & Design 

G-SHOCK Women Digital GMS5600
© Petite in Paris G-SHOCK Women Digital GMS5600
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If you have been following along with my blog and instagram you know that I love watches. Recently, I did a review on the new women’s G-SHOCK rose gold watch for women. Since I love the watch so much I decided to get another one! This time I got the new G-Shock GMS5600.

The new watch has a chic minimalistic black and gold design. It is so versatile that it can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. I adore how the new watch has a mirror-like finish case and bezel plus it’s metal covered. Not only does the G-SHOCK women's watch display a clean look, it also has a super lightweight design. 

In my opinion this is the perfect color combination for a watch. I tend to wear a lot of gold jewelry and the watch matches perfectly with my rings. However, it does look great if you mix and match gold and silvery jewelry as well. 

Outside of the chic look of the watch, there are so many features that I love about this Women’s watch is the features it includes ● Shock Resistance ● 200M Water Resistance ● Stopwatch ● Countdown Timer ● Daily Alarms

I definitely recommend that you add this watch to your list of timeless pieces not only to wear this fall, but year round. Plus, this new watch is designed for a petite wrist and fits comfortably on my wrist. 

Fall Fashion with a Beige Sweater & Leather Pants 

Fall fashion trends in Paris
© Petite in Paris

This fall season, and even part of the summer, I have been wearing beige non-stop. Different forms of beige, both lighter blends and darker blends. I cannot get enough of beige tops, sweaters, jackets, or even skirts. One of the most timeless iconic pieces you could add to your wardrobe for fall is a beige sweater. This is definitely one of my favorite fall fashion trends.

In addition to my beige sweater I also wore leather pants. For years now, I’ve been rocking leather pants, some are real leather while others are faux leather. Both types of pants give off the same look. If you are looking to splurge then I definitely recommend real leather pants. If you are working with a budget, faux leather pants work great as well. 

Both the leather pants and the beige sweater worked perfectly with the new G-SHOCK Women's Watch.

Why investing in timeless pieces is important 

Fall fashion trends
© Petite in Paris Fall fashion Trends

I always talk about investing in timeless pieces. The reason I stress this so much and I think it’s very important is because if you invest in high quality, timeless pieces you will wear them for years! Literally years. For example if you buy a piece that costs $100 and it’s extremely well made and high quality and you wear it for 5 maybe even 10 years, then that piece only costs you $20 or even $10 a year to own. This is why I always tell my friends if you are going to buy something, buy a high quality piece that you’ll wear for years to come. 

Recap on Fall Fashion Trends with the New G-SHOCK Watch

Beige sweater and leather pants

In short, when you are looking for how to style an outfit, definitely start with a piece that you want to be your focal point then style around that piece. For me, my focal point was my new G-SHOCK Watch by Casio. Then I went to my wardrobes, grabbed a beige sweater and leather pants, and voilà, I was ready to go! Who else loves all the fall fashion trends?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


“This post was sponsored by Casio G-SHOCK Women. All opinions are my own.”

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