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Many people always ask me what I do for work, or if blogging is my full time job.

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Maybe one day it will be my full time job, but for now, I work at an IT tech company. I have a confession to make; I’ve been using the same backpack for the past 3 years to take to work, and I’ve decided it was time for an upgrade.

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When shopping online for a new backpack, I came across Moshi, and was pleased when I spotted trendy yet practical backpacks. I thought, finally a backpack that I can take to client’s site and portray a more professional look. I knew I had to order it right away.

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Moshi is known for having high quality products, and when the backpack arrived, it did not disappoint. Choosing the light blue color, I felt it gave off a professional and techy vibe at the same time. I’ve received so many compliments on this bag from both clients and co-workers; it’s unbelievable.

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I’ve also been on the hunt for new headphones. Traveling twice a month, I find it necessary to have a great pair of headphones for the train or airplane. I decided to order a pair of Moshi Avanti headphones.

If anyone knows me, they know, I’ve been searching for comfortable over the head headphones for quite a while now. Aside from traveling around Europe for work, I travel back to the US twice a year and that flight can be exhausting. Have a great pair of quality headphones makes all the difference.I love my Avanti headphones that I discovered from Moshi, they are curved and fit over the ear nicely. Being petite, I was worried these headphones would be too big for my head, which I’ve found in the past with several brands, however, these ones are adjustable and fit perfectly!

For trendy backpacks and headphones to wear at the office and to take on business trips, I definitely recommend you check out the Moshi website. You won’t be disappointed. They even back their products by adding a lifetime warranty to their bags and 3-year warranty to their headphones after registering it online.

Thank you so much for reading!

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