Is the G-SHOCK Women’s Watch Worth the Price?

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I’ve always been a huge fan of watches. Not only do they allow you to keep the time they are a great accessory to any outfit. When I heard about the release of the new transparent X Rose Gold G-SHOCK Women’s Watch, I was so excited to get my hands on one. Priced at $110, you may be wondering, is this G-SHOCK women's watch worth the price? Before we jump into my thoughts on if I think you should purchase a G-SHOCK women's watch, I wanted to give you a quick history of the watch and the brand.

G Shock Women's Watch
Diane wears Jean Shorts, White V-Neck Sweater, and G-SHOCK Watch

History of the G-SHOCK watch

Is the G-Shock watch worth the price?
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The reason why so many entrepreneurs create a business, is because they found a need for it in the market. What was the reasoning behind creating the G-SHOCK watch? In 1981 Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe accidentally dropped and broke a pocket watch given to him by his father. This was his “ahh ha” moment and the lightbulb clicked. He wanted to create a watch that would withstand the test of time with a long battery life, wouldn’t break if it was dropped, and be water resistant. This was no easy task and in April of 1983 the first G-SHOCK watch was released to the public with all those features. 

Today, G-SHOCK watches are more popular than ever and have boutiques and shops carrying their watches around the world. On September 1, 2017, Casio celebrated its 100 millionth shipment of G-SHOCKs worldwide.

What makes this G-Shock watch unique?

What makes the G Shock Watch Unique
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The new transparent X Rose Gold G-SHOCK Women’s watch collection was released this year. You may be wondering, what makes this watch unique? In addition to the chic look, this watch has a lot of unique qualities you won’t find in other watches. A few of my favorite features include the shock resistance, the 200m water resistance (this is great for me for when I go to the beach!), there is a stop watch, and daily alarms!  Besides wearing this watch as a fashion piece, I also plan to wear it when I work out, I love how the watch has a stopwatch as I often find myself doing sprints when I’m running.

How to style the new watch? 

Women's sports watch G Shock
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The good thing about the new G-SHOCK women's watch is that it’s easy to style. This timeless piece has a transparent case and band allowing the rose gold metallic accents to pop and stand out. This watch can easily be styled throughout every season. Because this watch is extremely versatile you can style this watch into a really high fashionable look or even style it with a casual look. 

Outside of your outfit, the unique rose gold on the face of the watch makes it easy to add additional layering pieces. Layer this watch with your favorite gold or rose gold pieces rings or bracelets.

Is the G-SHOCK Women's Watch Worth the Price?

White G shock watch
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The question you came here for and have been wanting to get answered, is the G-SHOCK new watch really worth the price? In my opinion, yes the new G-SHOCK watch for women is worth the price!! Not only is it 200M water resistance, making it a tough watch, this accessory is both chic and fashionable at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds. This is one of those timeless pieces that will last for years. 

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Recap on is the G-SHOCK Watch for Women

In short, I highly recommend the new transparent X Rose Gold G-SHOCK watches for women because it was built to last. This watch will withstand the test of time, it is extremely water resistant, and chic. I’d love to hear in the comments, what are your thoughts on the New G-SHOCK Women’s watch? 

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