Galeries Lafayette Launches 5 New Activities


Galeries Lafayette has always been known as the place to shop when you’re in Paris. Founded by two cousins in 1983, what started out as a tiny store became a gigantic department store known around the world. The 43M high neo-byzantine dome was created by artist Georges Chedanne; is one of Galeries Lafayette’s unique features.

In addition to providing an extraordinary shopping experience, Galeries Lafayette recently launched 5 new workshops and activities to further engage eager shoppers. Find your next experience from my list below!

  1. Wine and Cheese tasting in the heart of Paris

wine and cheese pairing at galeries lafayette

During the wine and cheese class you will discover 2 white wines and 2 red wines paired with 4 cheeses from around France. Discover the full sensory experience of wine (mainly the smells and tastes), the secrets of winemaking, and how to create the perfect wine & cheese pairings from a Galeries Lafayette sommelier. Attend this 1 ½ hour class alone & mingle or grab a group of friends to. This class is every Monday & Wednesday from 12:30PM to 2PM, and every Friday from 6PM to 7:30PM and costs 55 Euros.

Galeries Lafayette is offering a discount code of 10% off using the code “WINENOT” during checkout. This offer is only good for a limited time!

  1. French Macaron Bakery Class in the heart of Paris

macaron class at galeries lafayette

During this hour and a half class you’ll learn how to bake French macarons. The class is divided into two parts: during part 1, a macaron pastry chef will teach you how to bake the outer cookie shell, while part two of the class is composed of filling our fresh macaron shells and assembling the final product. Once the final product assembled you’ll be able to enjoy the two different macaron flavors you’ve created. This class is available every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3PM to 4:30PM and is priced at 49 Euros a person.

  1. Beauty Masterclass in Paris

galeries lafayette beauty class

Curious about how Parisians do their makeup to achieve that je ne sais quoi look? If so, this beauty class is parfait for you! A beauty specialist from a top brand will teach you to create a flawless Parisian look step-by-step. During this 1 ½ hour course you'll be able to test new techniques, learn about new makeup tends new, and recreate stunning looks. Weather you're a first timer or a makeup expert you're guaranteed to learn new tips and tricks to use for years to come! This class is offered every Tuesday from 10:30AM to 12PM and is priced at 30 Euros.

  1. Original Fashion Shows at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

fashion show at galeries lafayette

Have you ever wanted to attend fashion week or a fashion show? Well you're in luck because once a week Galeries Lafayette hosts its very own fashion show. Watch the models take the Galeries Lafayette runway as they model a variety of brands from the new collections. This 30 minute show will give you give an insight on the latest fashion trends (and some great pics for the gram!). Enjoy these fashion shows every Friday at 3PM. Priced at 12 Euros for adults and 9 Euros for Children.

  1. Discover the History of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

ceiling at galeries lafayette

Your trip to Galeries Lafayette can mean much more than shopping – you can take in its rich history and culture. If you're a history buff then you'll enjoy this 1-hour tour of Galeries Lafayette where you'll discover its history – and trust me, there’s way more than what meets the eye! Learn about rise of the iconic department store admired by thousands of visitors for over 120 years. This tour is priced at 13.50 Euros for Adults and 9 Euros for Children.


Address · 40, Boulevard Haussmann 75009 PARIS

Store Hours · Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 8.30pm
& Sundays from 11am to 7pm

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