How to Buy Designer Luxury Items at a Discount in Paris

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As many of you know, I have a true weakness for designer luxury bags, jewelry, clothing, and accessories. My wallet doesn’t necessary agree with these craving of designer luxury items. I’m always searching for ways to buy designer luxury items at a discount in Paris, but unless you have a friend or you know someone who works at a store you can kiss that discount goodbye. Occasionally, luxury brands will discount last seasons model or a special line, but never the classic pieces.

buy designer luxury goods at a discount

I always stress the importance of investing in quality over quantity. Luxury items are definitely an investment and something you can wear for years. For example, I’ve been wearing my big LV purse for over 6 years now and I take it everywhere even when I travel. The quality is still very nice. If you take the amount spent over the course of 6 years annually it’s not that expensive, and if I ever want to resell it in the future it holds it value well. With that being said, I'm outlining ways you can buy, sell, and rent high end designer luxury items at a discount in Paris.

buying designer bags in Paris at a discount


I’m excited to share with you a new website I recently discovered called The Real Real that allows you to buy, resell luxury items. They have thousands of items for sale on the website handbags starting at under 50 Euros for a Kate Spade bag and 75 Euros for a Celine bag. I even saw a Hermes Kelley bag for under 3,000 Euros. Plus, new products are being added daily so make sure to check the site frequently. What I love about The Real Real is it tells you the condition that the item is in. Not only does the site have handbags, it carries jewelry, watches and accessories such as scarves, and belts. Plus, if you’re worried about the item being authentic, no need, they have a team on staff that authenticates every item.

buy and sell luxury goods in Paris


The Real Real offers 3 different ways to sell your luxury items

1. Schedule a free in-home pickup. Available in over 20 metro areas.

2. Ship your items directly to us with a free, prepaid label.

3. Visit a Luxury Consignment Office for a free valuation and consignment drop-off.

If you would like to sell your luxury item to The Real Real simply fill out a short form. This form will be reviewed by the Real Real team once they item is appraised you will be paid. The Real Real determines the price by using data from millions of items sold to set pricing, according to designer, item type, age, condition and current market demand. The goal is to sell your items at the highest possible price within 30 days.

The commission structure is very simple: Essentially the More you Sell, the more you Earn

On the Real Real, there are 3 Statuses

  1. VIP – 70% commission, If you sell over $10,000 on the Real Real, Your benefits include a $100 site credit, Priority processing, Free First Look membership ($120 value over 12 months), Free cup of Sightglass coffee at our stores
  2. Icon – 60% Commission, If you sell between $1,501 – $9,999 on the Real Real
  3. Insider -55% Commission, If you sell between $0 – $1,500

However, there are exceptions, and you could potentially earn more commission if you fall into this category:

How the Commission Rate works:

  1. 85% • Watches with a resale list price of $2,500 or more
  2. 80% • Handbags with a resale list price of $5,000 or more & Men's sneakers with a resale list price of $500 or more
  3. 70% • Handbags with a resale list price of $1,000 to $4,999, Watches with a resale list price of $1,000 to $2,499, Jewelry with a resale list price of $1,000 or more, Art items with a resale list price of $196 or more, Home items with a resale list price of $1,000 or more (excluding furniture)
  4. 50% • All items with an original resale list price of $146 – $195, Home items with a resale list price of $146 or more
  5. 40% •  All items with an original resale list price of $145 or less
how to buy a birkin bag on sale in paris


In Paris you have the option to rent designer bags at Une Robe, Un Soir . You can rent it for one day or multiple days. The price varies based upon product. (This is for French residents, if you live outside of France you can contact their support team to see if you are eligible ). To rent the luxury items, head over to Une Robe, Un Soir  store to see what is available to rent in store. Also, you can rent directly from the website.

I love seeing the products first hand, so if you are in Paris head over to their shop. They even have a Hermes Birkin 30 on display, aka my dream bag! If you are looking for a luxury dress to match your handbag / accessory from The Real Real head over to Rent the Runway to rent designer dresses or outfits!

A little side note before I sign off for the day, I signed up for The Real Real newsletter and they are constantly having sales or special discounts, so I highly recommend you sign up!

Recently, I wrote an article on why designer bags are cheaper in Paris, and I give an exact breakdown of an Hermés Birkin bag, I would love for your to check it out here!


Website · The Real Real · Collector Square· Vestiaire Collective

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