In Denial of the Cold Winter + Some Amazing Fashion Finds!

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You know when you just can’t accept it’s winter? I feel like I’m at that phase.

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Paris temperatures have been dropping and dropping and it’s getting colder and colder! I almost feel like I’m back living in Boston, without the snow. For everyone who has been following me, knows that I’m currently going through a for love & lemons obsession right now, I also wrote about it here.  I’ve been embracing all their gorgeous designs, and am just absolutely in love with all their pieces. While staying at Terrass Hotel we had the opportunity to enjoy their fine dining experience. Which is great because I could wear this gorgeous dress without having to endure the extreme outside weather. I simply walked down one flight of stairs and Voilà I was there, to enjoy a nice meal.

My favorite thing about this dress is how it’s the perfect combination of stylish and sexy! For love and lemons is known for taking a traditional dress and spicing it up by adding either sheer, lace, embroidery, or all the above! This is my second piece from their brand, my first being this, but there is a huge long list of my favs, including this, this, and let’s not forget about this! 

I was fortunate to not have to bare the cold and walk outside in this thin sheer dress. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t find the perfect layering pieces for this occasion in case I did! Here are a few jackets and layering pieces that I love! Long jacket here,  I love the shawls that you can wear over your shoulder so you can still see the sheer back. Also wearing a pair of tights and boots is a simple trick to add extra layers to keep warm! 

What else is great about this dress is not only does it fall into the category of a winter dress it can be used for other seasons as well! Multipurpose and multi function pieces are my favorite, and this dress doesn’t disappoint. With Valentine’s Day only a few weeks away this is the perfect date night dress. And ladies, if you don’t have a date, don’t worry, my philosophy is there is Nothing wrong with getting yourself a gift! 

shopbop saleLately, I’ve been having people email me about having more affordable pieces on my blog so I’ve listed a few pieces above 1. here (Sale!), 2. here, and  3. here (Sale!) that I love!! Please continue to e-mail if you have requests like this, I love hearing from you and try to respond back to all your emails! 

Outfit worn:

Dress · For Love & Lemons

Heels · Sam Edelman

Details· Gorjana Bracelet & Lana Necklace / Budget Necklace

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane


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