Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Her!

Last minute holiday gift guide

Christmas is right around the corner! I know many of you are probably like me and are doing last minute shopping. Well you’re in luck because I’ve outlined the best last minute holiday gifts for her!

Last minute holiday gift guide for her


Erin Pelicano – Mother Daughter necklaces. These gorgeous 14k gold mother daughter necklaces make the perfect holiday gift. Click here to see my Mom and I wearing them! I can’t recommend these enough; they are dainty and a perfect gift for your Mom. (Also I noticed they have a 10% off coupon when you sign up for their email, definitely take advantage of that!)

Ultimate throw blanket – This comfy blanket will keep you warm for days to come. This chunky blanket comes in multiple colors to match any room in your house. I love the grey and white

Daniel Wellington Watch – I love Daniel Wellington watches, they have such a great price point and would make that special someone very happy. Click here to read about my love for Daniel Wellington watches way before I ever started blogging.


Dior Lipstick – You can’t go wrong with Dior Lipstick, especially these ones that come in this cute travel bag. I love these different shades, perfect for any skin tone.

Tiffany and Co Perfume – I personally own this perfume and wear it all the time. It has a fresh light smell, a great perfume for date night.

Airline tickets – Instead of giving a gift, why not give a gift of travel. This is something Aaron and I have been doing for years, where we each give each other a weekend getaway.


Eugenia Kim Igby Scarf – Heavy knit scarves are in this year. This chunky scarf comes in a soft white guarantee to be a statement piece with your outfit and will keep you warm all winter long

Kate Spade Bag – I love Kate Spade and this bag is so timeless. Comes in a beige color that is perfect year round

Ugg Robe – This soft UGG robe is perfect for those lazy mornings and getting right after a shower. I always wear a robe when I'm getting ready after a shower!

There you have it, the ultimate last minute holiday gift guide for her! I hope you and your family have a happy holiday and wonderful New Years!

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane

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