What to wear to the Orchestra

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Today's article I'm going to share with you what to wear to the Orchestra. I've you've never been to an orchestra I highly recommend it. A night filled with beautiful music is always one of my favorite things to do. Perhaps this is your first time attending the orchestra or you are a regular and looking for new outfit ideas you've come to the right place. So let's dive right into what you came for, what to wear to the orchestra!

what to wear orchestra
what to wear Orchestra
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proper etiquette for attending the orchestra
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My experience at the Orchestra in Paris

This enchanted evening was filled with classical music that captivated the audience! The musicians had mesmerized me with their talent. One of my favorite things about attending the Orchestra is that people wear their finest clothes and it's like a mini fashion show. I saw both women and men dressed flawlessly.

What to wear to the Orchestra

As I mentioned above, attending an Orchestra is one of my favorite things to do. However, you may be wondering what should I wear to the Orchestra, or what is the appropriate attire. For me, the Orchestra is more of a formal event which calls for more of a formal attire. I wore a little black lace dress from Diane von Furstenburg. This is one of those pieces that is a timeless piece that you can wear to multiple occasions. What I would recommend on what to wear to the orchestra is simple: a casual dress, a pants suit outfit, skirt and a nice top, or even nice slacks and a top. As long as your dress business attire you will be fine!

Proper Etiquette at the Orchestra

Ensuring that you have proper etiquette when you attend an Orchestra is extremely important. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to make sure you arrive early. In my opinion it's best to arrive at least 30 minutes early, this will give you adequate time to find your seat and get situated. Also, try not to make a lot of noise while they are playing and definitely avoid talking. This could distract the orchestra players.

Understanding the format of the Orchestra show

On average most orchestra concerts ranges ninety (90) minutes to two (2) hours. There is one intermission at the halfway point. During intermission, I recommend that you get up walk around and even talk to your friends about the concert. When you arrive at the Orchestra you'll always be handed a performance format to know if the concert will include several pieces of work or perhaps it's just one.  As I mentioned before if you've never attended an orchestra concert, I definitely recommend it.

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  1. Joyce Davies says:

    I love this lace dress. It is stunning and ughh I would so love to go attend an orchestra. You look radiant.

    Hugs & Love

  2. you look absolutely gorgeous! xo

  3. My Stylish Corner says:

    Such a chic outfit,you look gorgeous!!


  4. You look stunning in this dress. I really love the lace and how great is it that it fit you with no alterations. It was meant for you to wear. Have a great day and thanks for sharing this with us.


  5. This dress is so elegant and pretty on you ,you can’t go wrong in an LBD especially with the lace detailing on it. I hope you had a great evening. You look beautiful in this look.


  6. This dress is absolutely stunning and you look incredible in it! I love the lace detailing xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  7. What a wonderful evening! I really like this elegant look! You look very pretty in this lovely DVF dress! Have a nice week!