Oldest Patisserie in Paris and is it worth visiting?

When traveling to Paris, it’s an unwritten rule that you must indulge in the famous Parisian pastries and bakery shops. With over 30,000 pastry and bakeries in Paris, I decided to go on my own Paris bakery tour. On this tour, I stopped at the oldest patisserie in Paris, Stohrer Pastries. Stohrer is definitely worth visiting if you enjoy eating high quality, award-winning pastries, love history, and want to indulge in the late Queen of England’s favorite pastry shop in Paris.

Oldest Patisserie in Paris Stohrer
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History of Stohrer

oldest bakery in Paris
Stohrer Baba Au Rhum © juusogastro

Stohrer pastry shop is the oldest pastry shop in Paris opening its door in 1730 (Almost 300 years ago!) by King Louis XV's pastry chef, Nicolas Stohrer. We can thank Nicolas Stohrer for creating the famous Baba Au Rhum pastry! Stohrer paved the way for pastry shops in Paris by adapting a modern form of sweet food trade. Over the years Stohrer continued to gain popularity from local Parisians and tourist alike, eventually catching the eye of the late Queen of England. Once the Queen of England discovered Stohrer, rumor has it on her trips to Paris she loved indulging in their pastries, specifically the éclairs. If it’s good enough for the Queen of England it’s good enough for me! 

Why Stohrer Pastries worth visiting? 

the oldest pastry shop in Paris
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In my opinion, Stohrer Patisserie is worth visiting if you are traveling to Paris. Stohrer is filled with a variety of pastries, chocolates, and small treats all equally delicious in their own way. Stohrer is known for its pastry creativity, incorporating the past recipes with the present, and creating the most delicious pastries I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.  

I love visiting places in Paris that have historical significance and Stohrer falls into this category. Stohrer has a rich history. Location in the historical Rue Montreuil this shop has not moved since the 1730s. Over the years, celebrities, historical figures, tourist and locals have indulged in these pastries.   

The final reason why I think Stohrer is worth visiting is that it was the Queen's favorite place to indulge in pastries in Paris. She was known for always ordering a simple éclair. I’ve tried several different éclairs here and they are all delicious. 

What to order at Stohrer Pastries & Price?

Is stohrer worth visiting
Saint Honore Pastry © frenchguytheo

To be honest with you everything I’ve eaten at Stohrer has been incredible. I highly recommend if this is your first time going to Stohrer, you should consider getting a famous éclair, a chocolate or fruit tart, Baba Au Rhum, and a Saint Honore. If you are going with multiple people have everyone order something different and share, that way you can try a bunch of different things. 

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between €4 – €9 per pastry. If you are looking to purchase a pastry that is for multiple people expect to pay between €30 – €50.

Will there be a long line and best time to go?

What to order from Stohrer
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Yes, expect there to be a long line when you go to Stohrer Pastries, that’s because this bakery extremely popular, it is a tiny shop and can’t hold many people inside. During the summertime in Paris the line will be longer than other months. I always tell people when they go to visit Stohrer Pastries to arrive early, that way you can skip the line, and have the most options available. Many times if you arrive in the afternoon their bestsellers will be sold out. 

Final Thoughts on Stohrer Pastries: The Oldest Patisserie in Paris

Stohrer was the late Queen’s favorite place to get éclairs in Paris, which was the initial reason I wanted to check it out. After my first experience indulging in their pastries, I came back frequently and always tried something new. I highly recommend that you add Stohrer to your places to visit in Paris. Stohrer Website.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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