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A must for an young, aspiring fashionista living in Paris is to visit the Louvre.






The louvre is undoubtedly the most well-known art museum in the world.  Attending this cradle of inspiration is a special event and calls for a special outfit.  I needed something that would rise to the occasion while still giving me enough movement to explore.  This brown dress, fitting dress was perfect for the job.  My partner in crime accessories were darker browns item to help highlight the dress.  A small tan and this monochromatic fashion was the perfect mix.

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  1. style stockholm says:

    Amazing look! Beautiful picks as always!!

  2. Love this dress- you can definitely rock that color! The Louvre is definitely a great background- I must say, I’m impressed you walked around there in those heels. I visited in May and I had to wear flats!

  3. Kate @ Green Fashionista says:

    Gorgeous dress! And you can’t beat that background <3 Paris!