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Recently, many people have asked me questions like:  when I visit Paris what are the best things to do, or I am in Paris for just 2 days and which places should I visit, or I’m a blogger and need to know the best places to take photos. These are tricky questions because everyone deserves their own unique experience in Paris!

You’re in luck, I’ve found the perfect person to help, Stephanie. She knows Paris like the back of her hand. I was fortunate to meet Stephanie at a fashion event a few weeks ago and that’s when she introduced me to her brand; Sacrebleu-Paris. She creates a customized experience for people visiting Paris. The best part is she creates a unique experience based upon your interests.

sacrebleu paris petite in paris

Stephanie and I both share a passion for aiding other bloggers. Her talents include finding the best locations for photo shoots, supplying travel to and from, and providing a photographing if need be. This is a short list among her many capabilities.

What I really want to stress is Stephanie is a Parisian insider and treats all her clients like friends. She really goes above and beyond to make sure that your time in Paris is amazing. I honestly wish I met her before I ever moved to Paris; it would have made my transition so much easier. Together she’s introduced me to amazing restaurants, invited me to VIP shopping trips, and introduced me to many helpful people.

If you have any questions about the SacreBleu-Paris experience feel free to reach out to Stephanie directly or check out her facebook page for more information.

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  1. Marie-Thérèse Norris says:

    What a superb new section to your Blog, Diane. I can’t wait to check out Stephanie’s services.