5 Best Sneakers to Wear to the Office

The work from home era really propelled us into a casual workforce. As we slowly start to transition back into the office life, I’ve noticed that many companies have shifted to a more casual workforce. The 5 best sneakers to wear to the office include Nike Court vision, Veja Esplar, Sam Edelman, Keds Champion, and the Hermes Avantage sneakers.

How to style Sneakers for work
How to style Sneakers for work © lglora

When it comes to choosing the best Sneakers to wear to work, you want to make sure they are professional, clean, and comfortable at the same time. As someone who adores heels, and have several in my closest… I find myself gravitating towards casual work professional sneakers more and more. What I love about a timeless pair of sneakers, is how sneakers can be easily be paired with a dress / skirt, black pants, slacks, and jeans.

Nike Court Vision Low Sneaker

best Sneakers to wear to the office
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First on the list should come to no surprise is the Nike Court Vision Low Sneaker. These crisp white, Nike shoes are the perfect blend between a professional sneaker, comfort and chic. The Court Vision Nike shoes offer a high quality sneaker that are priced at $70 and will last for a long time if taken care. 

When it comes to choosing the best professional work sneaker, it’s important to ensure that it’s a neutral color shoe. Plus, one of the things I love about neutral colors is it’s so easy to match your outfit. Shop Nike Court Vision Low Sneaker

Sam Edelman Ethyl Low Top Sneakers

sam Edelman Sneakers for the office
Sam Edelman Sneakers © Nordstrom

If you are looking for a sneaker that is simple, then all white Sam Edelman Ethyl Low Top Sneakers are perfect for you. These Sam Edelman sneakers provide a professional look, are known for extreme comfort, and provide an easy-to-wear design.

Sam Edelman has over 30 years experience creating iconic shoes. Priced at $70, these sneakers are perfect for a day at the office! Shop Sam Edelman Sneakers.

Keds Champion Shoes

Keds Champion Sneakers for the office
Keds Sneakers

Personally, I can’t get enough of the Keds Champion Sneakers. These sneakers were extremely popular when I was growing up and have made a huge comeback in the last 5 years. Keds are known for its simple, yet sophisticated design, making these the perfect sneakers to wear to the office. What I love about these shoes are how easy they are to pair and style with different outfits at the office. A simple all white sneaker with no visible logo is always a good way to go, when you are trying to figure out what the best sneakers to wear to the office are. 

One of the things I love about Keds, is the fact that they offer a quality shoes without the market. Keds sneakers are priced between $65-$85.

Veja Esplar Logo Sneakers

Veja Sneakers to wear to work
Veja Sneakers to wear to work © officeshoes

Veja Sneakers have taken the world by sneaker storm. Everywhere I turn I see these sneakers, could it be because of the chic design, or perhaps it was the fact that they were one of the first sustainable sneaker brands, either way they are here to stay. Veja Sneakers are definitely one of the best and comfortable sneakers to wear to the office! These high quality shoes are perfect for a long day at work, providing both comfort and offering a chic design. 

For me, I gravitated towards the natural color Esplar Logo shoes. These cool office sneakers are priced between $140 and $160, and are definitely worth it! Shop Veja Sneakers Online!

Hermes Avantage sneakers

Hermes Avantage sneaker Styled
Hermes Avantage sneaker Styled © dressedbyanna

I can never make a list without including a dream sneaker, aka a luxury professional sneaker that is on my wish list but I don’t own! In this case, it’s the Hermes Avantage Sneaker. I absolutely adore this all white sneaker, with the Hermes H on the side. These slick all white shoes are an absolute dream! As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Hermes, the high quality products they create, and craftsmanship, is my favorite quiet luxury brand. 

These luxury professional sneakers are an absolute must if you are looking to splurge on a pair of luxury shoes, but don’t want the extreme logo. Priced at $800, these are definitely the most expensive pair of shoes on the list today… but so chic, right?! I love them! These sneakers, are sold at Hermes both online and in store. 

Recap on the Best Professional Sneakers to Wear to the Office 

Can you wear sneakers to work
How to wear Sneakers to the office © lglora

Personally, I have multiple pairs of sneakers in my closest. On one hand, I have the clean, comfortable professional ones I wear to the office. And on the other hand, I have gym sneakers and these sneakers never overlap. If your white pair of professional work sneakers get dirty, the trick is to buy a magic eraser to get them clean. I apply this little trick on all my white sneakers! 

I’d love to hear from you, has your office shifted to a casual wear work place?

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