Summer Beach Bag Essentials

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summer beach bag essentials

We have selected 7 “Summer Beach Bag Essentials” which you should look at, before you start getting booking confirmations for your next trip. You shouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to be fully geared up to go the the beach.

The Perfect Beach Bag

Size matters when travelling and most importantly when heading to the beach. Not only do you need the perfect comfortable bag, but your bag should also compliment your total look and be big enough to carry the necessary articles.  


Your eyes need protection from the sun and if you feel that it's time to put those old shades aside to boost your look, then you still have plenty of options to find the perfect stylish Summer sunglasses.

Hair accessories

Keeping your scalp under protection when travelling into high temperature destinations is also really important. This means focusing the attention on your scalp, face and down to your neck, avoiding the sun rays from affecting them directly. Not only are hats important, but also hairbands to keep your hair out of the salty chlorine water and if you wish to have something in between and adaptable to your style, then caps are also a good option.


Daily skin protection is essential for the prevention of skin cancer, so the importance of sunscreen during vacation is crucial. Don't forget to apply on the nose, the most sensitive part of our body and make it every two hours on the entire body as the lotion or gets absorbed really quickly by the skin. Most importantly, remember to dry off and apply, your skin will thank you later

Lip Balm

Having your lips hydrated during the heat waves of the summer is key. We should be carrying essential lip moisturizers in our bags all year.

Leave-in conditioner

Rinsing your locks after having a swim in the beach or chilling by the pool has to be one of your priorities during your travels. You don't want your hair to dry up nor to get damaged by the sun. So your best option is to add some moisture with a leave in conditioner or essential oils.

After-sun skin moisturizer

The continuous tanning and bathing in chlorine water or salt water will surely dry up your skin so straying on top on your skins revitalization is a great idea!

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