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I had the incredible experience of staying at Terrass Hotel located in the 18th district of Montmartre in their penthouse suite! When I checked in I was blown away, by the incredible service! We were able to check in right away, and headed up to our room.

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I often get asked what is the best hotel to stay at in Paris, and hands down it is Terrass Hotel. Located in the city center and close to several monuments.  

Upon entering the room I was blown away by how meticulous the room was! The suite was perfectly clean; the design was so modern and trendy. The view from the balcony was incredible. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Not only does the Penthouse have incredible view several rooms have an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and the city. 

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The very first thing I did was start the bath, equipped with a jacuzzi, I knew this was the perfect way to relax! What I loved about the jacuzzi was the bubble bath that was included, and let’s talk about the view! The glass wall was perfectly positioned so you could see directly out the glass wall and see the Eiffel Tower!

After the nice long jacuzzi, I thought what better way to continue my relaxation but hopping into the sauna. I couldn't believe the room came equipped with a sauna. Working out a great deal this perfect for relaxing my muscles.

Being a Paris fashion blogger, I was immediately drawn to their library in the lobby. Filled with hundreds of books and many about fashion and the history of Paris, and how to be Parisian chic, I was blown away.

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In the morning, we enjoyed an incredible breakfast. The hotel has a buffet in the morning which had tons of breakfast food. My favorite was the eggs and bacon, but they also had pancakes which I haven’t had since I left Kansas! What was unique about the breakfast experience was that it was on the rooftop. They also have a restaurant and bar opened during lunch and dinner.

After breakfast, even though we didn’t want to we had to check out! I want to thank Terrass for allowing us to experience the penthouse suite for the night!

One last piece of advice, book directly! I can't stress this enough! Terrass hotel has a coupon on their page, that allows you to save money which ends up being way cheaper to book directly than using other external sites. This is something often overlooked by many people, but I’ve been able to save tons of money by booking directly.

Overall, this was an incredible once in a lifetime experience, and if you are in Paris, I highly recommend you book at the Terrass Hotel. 

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  1. Jim Campbell says:

    Looks positively amazing and so much history.
    Thanks for sharing your tip about booking directly too.

    Glad you had a wonderful time. I think it would be hard not to!