The Secret to the Parisian Red Lip

Parisian Red Lips

It goes without saying that French women are the epitome of style. An important part of the Parisian women's identity relies in their punchy crimson pout. Red lips have an indisputable sultry appeal. But there are a few steps to achieving that careless, nonchalant, and yet sensuous look. Here is the secret to the Parisian red lip.

Step one to achieve to parisian red lip is to pick the right red for you skin tone. Certainly, if you have cool undertones (pink, red, and bluish undertones), warm undertones (yellow, peachy, golden) or neutral undertones (a mix of warm and cool undertones) you'll pick to corresponding variation of the Parisian red in this list of most coveted red lipstick by Parisian women:

MAC: Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo is a very matte vivid blue-red that brightens up entire face. The first one in our list of favourite parisian red lip. It's velvety, and has zero stickiness. To avoid the lip being to bold with this lipstick, start from the center of your lip, then work your way outwards. Then finally, blur the edge ever-so gently.

how to achieve Parisian red lips

LAURA MERCIER: Rouge Ultime 

Slightly less intense than the MAC Ruby Woo, the Rouge Ultime ( Rouge Essential Silky Crème Lipstick) is a long-lasting lip stain that covers the lip from AM to PM. This high-coverage lip product features many different oils for a texture that transforms as you wear it: when applied, the initial cream texture becomes a silky, lightweight stain. Lips achieve stunning color and feel soft and comfortable. This lip stain is more of a statement color in our list of Parisian red lip. As for application, the head of the brush can be used to achieve an ultra defined lip, that will fade aesthetically as the day move forwards.

How to achieve the ultimate parisian red lips
Laura Mercier, Rouge Ultime

Chanel: Rouge 98 Instinct

Last in our list of Parisian red lip colours: a red bordeaux. Darker reds tend to be more mysterious and very chic. The brown tones in 98 instinct create a harmony with your skin, and, again, the red pigment helps wake up your complexion. For darker shades as this Chanel Rouge 98 Instinct, we'll prefer a satin texture. (Otherwise it looks too harsh). Satin finishes bring glow and light so they're softer on your features.

how to achieve the red parisian lip
Chanel: 98 Instinct
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