Trendy Tennies every Parisian is Wearing!

trendy tennis shoes every parisian is wearingAround Paris it seems that women, even the most effortlessly chic types, are tossing aside their heels in exchange for something much more walkable (as can be much needed in this city). With the cool-casual 90’s style taking its aim on today it’s no surprise that tennis shoes are becoming less of a creature comfort and more of a fashion statement.

The likes of classic three-striped Adidas and strappy high-top Reeboks can be seen wandering their way through even the quietest corners of the city; the younger Parisian crowd pairing them with high-waisted light washed jeans and moto jackets, or even a dress and black tights. But it’s not just the classics making the cut. Big shoe brands are amping up old styles with new add-ons. Pastel colors, as well as nude tones, are replacing neon colored accents. And don’t be surprised if you see the “ruffles on the runway” trend make its way from blouses and skirts to the tops of your slip on shoes.

Recycling styles and trends make way for our old favorites to get another walk around. Comfort is no longer something women are always willing to sacrifice. Making comfortable look cool is just something these Parisian women know how to do. That’s good for us because it means athleisure isn’t going away anytime soon.

1. HardCore Classics

There’s a reason why these are still around. Pair these with pretty much anything for fail-safe style. Enough said. These hardcore Classics include, Vans Old Skool, Nike Classics, Keds Champions Originals!

2. Mesh Matters

It’s spring, and almost summer, lighten up your go-to running shoes with a bit more breathable fabric. A slight spin on old school Adidas or pastel blue Nike's will keep you light on your feet. My favorite mes shoes include the Adidas Originals White FLB Sneakers, Nike's Black and White, and Le Coq Sportif Pink Mesh Sneakers.

3. Beige & Blush

Parisian woman love their neutral tones, and so should you. No need for ballet flats with these shoes. Go for an understated, minimalist look to keep your everyday outfit casual yet cute. Some of the best neutral shoes include the: New Balance 996 Trainers, Steve Madden Lancer Sneakers, and even the original adidas flashback sneakers!

4. Sleek Slip-Ons

Bows, ruffles and wraps, ties, oh my! No, this isn’t your grandmother’s prom dress from the 50’s. More feminine touches are gracing the tops of the normally simple slip-on trainer. Don’t worry, you’ll begin seeing these trends in the likes of faux leather and suede, not lace and organza. Some of my favorite sleek slip-on include the Carlos Santana Women's Allegra slip, the Slip on Trainer from ASOS, and finally the Misguided ruffle detail slip on trainers.

5. High Tops

If you’re really into that 90’s style, don’t shy away from going an extra mile in these shoes. High tops = high fashion. There are so many great high top 90s style that are perfect for trendy sneakers, these include the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, Reebok and Face Freestyle “hi-top” sneakers in Pale gray

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