5 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Hermes Bag

I’m a huge fan of vintage Hermes shopping! Over the years I’ve found so many incredible vintage Hermes accessories, and earlier this year I purchased my first vintage Hermes bag that I adore! There are 5 reasons, to buy a Vintage Hermes bag, which include, avoiding the Hermes buying game, getting exactly what you want, vintage Hermes bags hold up extremely well over time, you are able to purchase seasonal colors and discontinued limited edition bags, and finally the sustainability.

reasons to buy vintage hermes bags
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Don’t have to play the Hermes buying game

Should I buy a vintage Hermes Kelly
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One of the biggest perks of purchasing a vintage Hermes bag is you don’t have to play what many people call the Hermes buying game. The Hermes game means that you have to purchase a substantial amount of Hermes products before they offer you a quota bag…aka a Hermes Birkin or a Hermes Kelly bag. 

While Hermes claims they don’t require a buying history to purchase these bags, it’s been reported from several readers that their local Hermes store requires a minimum spend of $10k a month. I was lucky enough to be offered a Hermes Birkin at the Paris store without a buying history. By purchasing a vintage Hermes, you don’t need to have to the Hermes buying game. 

Can get the exact bag you want

Why buy a vintage Hermes bag
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The second most popular reason to purchasing a vintage Hermes bag is you can get exactly what you want. Many times when you attempt to purchase a Hermes bag in the store you are offered colors, stitching, sizes you don’t want. That all changes when you purchase vintage because you can choose the exact bag you want. Most places that sell vintage Hermes bags offer a wide array of colors, styles, date created, and condition that you can choose from.

Hold up extremely well over time

Hermes bags hold up over time
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Hermes bags are known for their high quality craftsmanship and because of this Hermes bags hold up extremely well over time. There is no need to worry about purchasing a vintage Hermes bag that in a few years that it will fall apart because that’s just not the case.

I’ve seen vintage Hermes bags from the 80s that look in remarkable condition. As long as the previous owner took care of the bag, and stored it in the dust bag, it will have years of wear left in it. From what I found most people, including myself who owns a Special Order Birkin take extremely good care of their Hermes bags. Hermes bags last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. 

Discontinued Seasonal Colors and limited edition bags

limited edition Hermes birkin size 20 Faubourg
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Over the years, Hermes has introduced seasonal colors and limited edition bags that have been discontinued. The only way to purchase these bags is through the vintage market. If you are looking for a specific color or even a limited edition Hermes bag, then I definitely recommend you turn to the vintage market to find these bags. Hermes is known for making limited qualities of the seasonal colors and even smaller quantities of the limited edition bags. Expect to pay a premium for these bags, as they are harder to come by than your traditional Hermes Birkin or Hermes Kelly bag.


Vintage Hermes birkin size 30
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By purchasing a vintage Hermes bag, you are giving a new life to a bag that is no longer being used. By doing so, you are also reducing the impact creating a new bag has on the environment. If you purchase your vintage Hermes bag from a small vintage shop, you are also helping a small business. 

Where to buy Vintage Hermes bags?

reasons to purchase vintage hermes bags
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At the end of the day, buying a vintage Hermes bag is a huge purchase and you want to make sure you purchase from an authentic reseller.  My favorite places to get vintage Hermes bags include, TheRealReal, What Goes Around Comes Around NYC, and Fashionphile. When purchasing a vintage Hermes bag, you can make a more rational decision and get exactly the bag you want. 

Final thoughts 

It is true that you will pay more for the Hermes bag on the vintage market, but on the flip side, in the long run you will probably save money because you won't have to purchase things from Hermes that you really don’t want. If you have tried your hand at purchasing a Hermes bag in store and have had no luck, then I definitely recommend purchasing a vintage Hermes bag. 

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