What To Wear in Keystone, Colorado During the Summer

what to wear in keystone colorado during the summer

This summer, I visited Keystone Colorado and had no idea what to wear. One of my oldest childhood friends was getting married in Keystone, Colorado and I wanted to look chic. I was so excited to attend the wedding and be part of her special day.

Of course, I've visited Keystone Colorado many times in the winter but never in the summer and I struggled to decide what to wear. To my surprise, when looking for an Airbnb I kept reading that there was no air conditioning at any of the locations. Living in Paris for almost 3 years now I've become accustomed to this, but in the US it is very common to have air conditioning everywhere you go. So I assumed that the temperature dropped at night which warranted no air conditioning in the apartment.

long grey sweater
keystone hot tubs blogger
long grey cardigan

My assumptions were correct. During the daytime, Keystone Colorado was warm and you could even go to the pool or in my case the hot tub. At night and during the early morning, temperatures dropped. I assure you that having no air conditioning during the summer in keystone is perfectly fine.

I packed this grey long cardigan to keep me warm during the early morning and late nights. What I love about this cardigan is because the material is thin, once it gets warm during the day it's very lightweight to carry around.

Lately, I've been seeing tons of trends of long cardigans and Jean shorts. As a petite, I always find it difficult to follow all the new trends especially when you're 4'11 like myself. However,I loved this trend and figured I would find a way to make it work. I paired this long grey cardigan with my favorite jean shorts ( which if you don't have a pair I highly recommend it, I wear mine over and over) and a white tank top. I love wearing lighter colors such as white, light pink during the summer. I accessorized it with this gorgeous Sestra Clutch and grey sandals.

It was my first time in Keystone during the summer and it was absolutely gorgeous. The biking and hiking trails were so scenic and the entire city was so full of life. I definitely recommend visiting if you have a chance.

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  1. margie sanders flower says:

    love your post and the stunning out fits you were wearing I too am 4 ft 11 and find sweaters that fit just way too long but the one you were wearing looked perfect! glad you liked Colorado I have lived here all my life!