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what to wear in Rome

For Valentine’s Day Aaron surprised me with a weekend getaway trip to Rome! Rome was the first city I visited in Europe when I was in college. I remember being so blown away by the colosseum and watching gladiator before my arrival.

what to pack for rome in March

photo of rome during sunrise

how to be stylish in rome

In February and March you definitely still need a jacket in Rome. When exploring and walking around a city for hours, I always try to incorporate a chic yet comfortable style. Hence, why I almost always wear sneakers when walking around for hours.

Since my time was limited to the weekend only in Rome, I wanted to ensure we did the main tourist attractions, and eat as much gelato as we could get our hands on.

For the first day, I wore a cream jacket and a cream top with black jeans and Nike Free shoes. Most of the time I had the jacket draped over my shoulders because it wasn’t extremely cold, but it wasn’t warm either. It was in-between weather.

The second day, was a tad warmer than the first day, I wore a thin light grey turtleneck and black stretchy jeans again. Reusing multiple pieces is key for a weekend getaway, especially if you want to save on space.

This time of the year, I’ve been love wearing neutral colors such as cream, whites and greys.

I’ve listed a few outfit essentials to pack for a weekend getaway:

  1. Basic clothes, such as this grey turtleneck or white blouse. These pieces can be worn and styled for multiple outfits
  2. Stretchy skinny jeans – this is essential especially in a country such as Italy or should I say “Eatly.” We literally ate gelato 3 times a day, no regrets!
  3. Comfortable shoes – I wore my black Nike shoes the entire time, and then switched into heels for dinner.

Don’t forget to pack your portable charger and camera!

Outfit Worn:

Jacket · White Coat

Top · White Top

Jeans · Stretchy black jeans

Shoes · Nike Shoes

Portable Charger

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane

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