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Galeries Lafayette Go For Good

Today, we really do need to be concerned about our environment and how the things we do today directly impact it. You may have seen in the news recently that Starbucks announced that they would be eliminating plastic straws. Starbucks however is just one company, many other big companies are also making an impact. One of those companies is Galeries Lafayette with their Go For Good campaign. Galeries Lafayette’s new initiative is changing the fashion industry and adding more sustainable fashion. 

Stella McCartney Go for Good At galeries lafayette
Photo with Stella McCartney, Natalia (Mascarada), and Yanquic (MyParisianLife)

Galeries Lafayette Go For Good Campaign

You may have remembered from my Instagram stories earlier this month when I met the pioneer of the initiative herself, Stella McCartney. McCartney has always been a big supporter of sustainable fashion so it only makes sense that Galeries Lafayette would ask her to head up their new Go For Good initiative. What is exactly Go For Good and how does it impact you. “Go for Good is a collective and creative initiative aimed at bringing you a selection of fairer products, along with the opportunity to meet people, participate in events and benefit from services with both style and meaning.” For years now Galeries Lafayette has been a responsible department store. In 2016, they introduced their own fashion integrity line. In addition Galeries Lafayette donated all their unsold fashion pieces (19,000 in 2017). With over 500 brands already participating in the Go For Good Campaign Galeries Lafayette aims to make this new movement long term.
From now until October Galeries Lafayette is offering classes to help the public better understand their mission.

27 September
6 pm Q&A Franziska von Hardenberg:
Fireside chat: Dare to jump
(open to the public)

04 October
– Dandelion Organics: Q&A with midwife Maria
– Garden State Workshop
(open to the public, registration required)

08 October
– Dandelion Organics: Crafting Table with Childcare* and Breasting
(Open to public)

11 October
– Prana Up Your Life Workshop:
–Mindful Eating in Everyday Life
(open to the public, registration required)


Address · 40, Boulevard Haussmann 75009 PARIS

Store Hours · Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 8.30pm
& Sundays from 11am to 7pm

Website · Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Paris

More Information about Go For Good · Go For Good Information

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