Why is the Temple Bar Famous & What is the Best Day and Time to go to The Temple Bar in Dublin

history of the temple bar

People visit Dublin, Ireland from all over the world. Dublin is famous for its pubs; easily the most famous pub is The Temple Bar attracting 3.5 million visitors annually. You're probably wondering, why is the Temple Bar famous and what is the best day and time to go to the Temple Bar.  You've probably heard of the bar or at least The Temple Bar Area.

The Temple Bar, established in 1840, houses all types of alcohol including beer, liquor, and over 450 different kinds of rare whiskeys, making this Ireland’s largest whiskey collection. Due to the popularity surrounding The Temple Bar, determining the best times to go can be tricky if you want to get a good seat (especially if you want a view of the live band). Today, I'm breaking down for you why exactly the temple bar is famous and what is the best time and date to go to the temple bar!

what is the best time of day to go to the temple bar


The Temple Bar is formerly known as “Temple Barr” In the 18th Century this area was not safe to visit, but it was the place to go if you were looking for prostitution. As years passed, the area didn’t improve, which resulted in rent for homes, boutiques and bars to be sold at a discount. Over time, the locals started to like the Irish Bohemian area and it started to become trendy. Then in 1991, the government decided to modernize the area, which only added to its popularity. Today, The Temple Bar is one of the most popular pubs in all of Dublin generating over 680 Million Euros of Revenue annually.

The Temple Bar known for its rich history, and the pub also has a gorgeous outside with flowers hanging on the building with low hanging lamps on the inside. Plus inside, it houses a bronze statue of James Joyce.

Drinks are a little on the expensive side, but keep in mind you are paying for the experience. My advice is to grab a drink or two here and then head out to another pub if you want to continuing drinking for the night.

Luckily for you, when my brother and I were in Dublin we went to the Temple Bar multiple times.

the history of the temple bar
inside the temple bar


Monday thru Wednesday During the Day

During the day Monday Thru Friday the temple bar is virtually empty. There are a few tourists here and there sitting down grabbing a drink. We grabbed an Irish coffee and didn’t stay long. Most of the workers will be running around preparing for the night. During the day you will have no problem grabbing a table and enjoying a drink. Perhaps, if you’re lucky enough you will be able to see the Guinness Kegs being delivered from St. James’ Gate.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Wednesday 10:30am – 1:30am

Monday thru Wednesday During the Night

A few people start arriving around 7PM, but it really doesn’t get crowded until about 9:30-10PM. If you want a seat or a table with friends I recommend arriving earlier. During the week it's going to be a little less crowded then on the weekends. Keep in mind; because it's a tourist destination it's always going to have people there.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Wednesday 10:30am – 1:30am

Thursday thru Sunday During the Day

In Dublin the weekend begins on Thursday. On Thursday the bar opens at 10AM and people are there ready to begin their weekend and then on Friday and Saturday it’s even more crowded during the morning. Many die-hard Temple Bar fans come drink all day and then party all evening. This isn’t uncommon due to the atmosphere provided by the live band at night.

Hours of Operation:

Thursday – Saturday 10:00am – 2:30am

Sunday 11:30 – 1am

Thursday thru Sunday During the Night

When you go to the temple bar on a weekend it's like any other pub you'd go to on the weekend, long lines, crowded, and tons of friendly people. Unlike a normal pub, you'll meet people from all over the world that gather at this famous pub for a drink. On the weekend they bring in a live band. If you want a seat to listen to the band then I recommend you get there early. Expect long lines and it can become quite crowded. The temple bar is pretty big in size so there are multiple rooms you can enjoy a drink in. Even on a Sunday night the pub is bumping until all hours of the night.

Hours of Operation:

Thursday – Saturday 10:00am – 2:30am

Sunday 11:30 – 1am

In conclusion, if you're looking for a less crowded day or night definitely go to the Temple Bar during the week, and if you're looking for a full pub experience go on the weekends. On the weekend the Pub tends to get very warm due to the crowds, wear something light or layer with a jacket that can easily be removed. I hope you enjoyed this read on why the Temple Bar is famous and what is the best day and time to go. I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!


Address ·47/48 Temple Bar Dublin D02 N725 Ireland

*Photos taken by Joe Coletta

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  1. Is this the bar with the Queens face on the floor?

    1. Diane Marz says:

      Hello Susie,

      Great question, no it’s not.

      Hope that helps


  2. Sheryl Estey says:

    Thank you for this article, it’s been very helpful. My daughter and I are going to Ireland in September 2023.
    Do you happen to know what time the bands start playing on the weekends?

    1. Diane Marz says:

      Hello Sheryl,

      I hope you have a great time in Ireland!

      From my understanding, during the week they are live music from the moment the doors open to closing time. Last time I went during the week, I arrived at 5PM and the music was playing!

      Hope that helps!


  3. Tom Cleary says:

    Thanks Diane. Nice article and extremely accurate.


    1. Diane Marz says:

      You’re welcome Tom!

      Kind Regards,